Friday Roundup


I have not posted much this week because I have been swamped at work (in fact, I’m neglecting some files right now to type this post) and Susan and I have four extra house guests with this week.  Add in the fact that I got a flat this week that required the purchase of two new tires, I have not heard back from the investigator that is handling my theft case, my mortgage company doesn’t want to update my checking account info, and my mother-in-law having to go to the hospital,  I feel like this week has lasted for about fifteen days!  But, it is Friday, and it is very close to closing time, so I’ll keep my chin up for a few more minutes.

Not the way I wanted to start the morning

Not the way I wanted to start the morning

On a positive note, I am still going strong on my Runner’s World running streak, which will hit 26 days this afternoon when I hit the treadmill at the gym.  This week is also the Boston Remembrance virtual run, so the running streak is helping with that.  I need to run 26.2 miles for the run, and I am at 18 thus far with a run today and this week’s long training run of 7 miles, so I should be good.

I am waiting for just a couple more items to be delivered in the next week or so for the Platinum Sombrero 5K, and then I can mail out race packets, so that is exciting!  I can’t wait to share the final total that will be donated to St. Jude!  I’m also working on a monster post (I hope) about the event.  Stay tuned.