Nov 5, 2010 – True Blue 5K – Memphis, TN 36:36 – One of my weight loss goals was to run this 5K

Nov 20, 2010 – Mayor’s Challenge 5K – Paris, TN – 36:39 – Rainy & did out of boredom

Nov 4, 2011 – True Blue 5K – Memphis, TN 27:39 – Personal Record (at the time); 1st race I ran 100% of the time

Dec 3, 2011 – St. Jude Half Marathon – Memphis, TN 2:16:26 – PR (St. Jude Hero); wanted to complete 13.1 before I turned 30, Recap

May 6, 2012 – Oak Hall Run for St. Jude – Memphis, TN 34:17 – Surprisingly hot day, only run I’ve done w/ Susan

Nov 2, 2012 – True Blue 5K – Memphis, TN – 29:37 – Slower than I hoped, but not unexpected

Dec 1, 2012 – St. Jude Half Marathon – Memphis, TN – 2:21:56 – Not bad considering I missed most of Oct’s training, Recap

Dec 8, 2012 – The Ugly Sweater 5K – Memphis, TN – 25:45 – 1/2 mile short of a 5K & quite disorganized

2 thoughts on “2010-2012

  1. I was trying to figure out how long it might take me to get where you’re at by looking at your runs. At first, I was thinking I might be like your Nov 4, 2011 run when you went nonstop for the first time because I can finally cover that kind of distance nonstop myself now then I looked at your time… wow. I’m not that fast and looking back at your Nov 2010 runs, I’m not quite that fast either but at least those times are within striking distance. Did you drop a lot of weight between Nov 2010 and Nov 2011? You knocked a good 9 minutes off your 5k time in that year.

    • I started a hardcore half marathon training plan between those two 5K’s, and that was the biggest contributing factor to my faster time. That 5K time stood as my PR for a lengthy period.

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