I’m Back, Baby!


After a summer of laziness and general malaise with my running, I am finally back in full swing with my training for this fall’s Memphis St. Jude Half Marathon. My time was not great, and it was quite warm, but it still felt great to log more miles today than I have on any single day since the Bluff City 10K back on May 9th!

Frank PHX

I am returning to my roots, as it were, following the training plan I used for my first half marathon back in 2011. The plan worked great for me back then, and each week was a distance PR for me back then, so why not get back into my running flow with what created it in the first place? Of course now I know what to expect at from the distance and I can tweak some things as needed maximize my running depending on how I am feeling. The important aspect is to keep running. Also, I need to get to work on my St. Jude fundraising efforts. After all, it is a major reason that I am running in this particular event anyway!