RAK 365 in 2014


A blog/site that I visit daily, The Chive, has a thing called RAK (Random Acts of Kindness).  This is not a concept that the site created, but one that it embraces.  It is something that Chivers do for one another as well as other complete strangers.  Reading about the RAK’s are some of the best entries on the site.  Currently, there are two RAK events going on for Chivers to participate.  One is a Secret Santa type event in which you sign up and you are given a random person to buy a gift for.  There is no price limit and you have no control over the person you get and the person you get will probably not have you.  People are starting to get their gifts now, and you can get an idea of the event by checking #RAKit on Twitter and/or Instagram.  The second promotion is the 12 Days of RAKmas in which you do something kind for a stranger each day leading up to Christmas.  It is a simple concept and one that is easy for anyone to participate in.

12 Days of RAKmas

12 Days of RAKmas

During the holiday season, you see tons of stories about people helping each other out and going way above and beyond for one another.  By why restrict this generosity to just this season.  Why not act this way on a Tuesday in May or Thursday in July?  Therefore, I decided to take this idea and take it to another level in 2014.  This year I wanted to run a race each month of the year and try some new events.  I fulfilled both of these goals this year, and I will actually be extending this through the next year, but I wanted a new goal as well.  That is where the RAK concept comes in.  I am going to do at least one RAK a day for all 365 days in 2014.

From January 1 through December 31, 2014, I will be doing one RAK per day, everyday.  It might be as simple as buying a homeless person lunch, donating blood, or leaving $5 taped to the gas pump.  When applicable, a note, card, or the such will be left with the RAK encouraging the recipient to pay it forward.  I will track my progress on this blog, as well as an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page to share images and such from the events.  These steps are not to bring attention to myself, but rather to hold some accountability for doing one RAK per day (the blog) and for others to share and join in the kindness (social media sites – sadly, RAK365 is taken).  I will not be doing routine posts about RAK’s, but rather just the page (this is still a primarily a running blog) and maybe on occasional post about a RAK someone else did.  I will post more information as it becomes available.

The hashtag will be #RAK365.

Twitter: @RAK_365

This is what I was RAK'd this year (Susan loves this shirt...)

This is what I was RAK’d this year (Susan loves this shirt…)