On the Road Again…

On the road again
Just can’t wait to get on the road again
The life I love is [running miles] with my friends
And I can’t wait to get on the road again
On the road again

Determination late in the race

It is time to start my training for the St. Jude Half Marathon once again! It has never been a secret that this is my favorite race of the year, and training for it could not have come at a better time this big guy. I am in my second week of my sluggish training, and I am already seeing some gains, albeit, they are no where near my norms. But they will get there, it may not be until the 2017 St. Jude Half Marathon, but they will get there.

Running & smiling in my first 13.1!

And our way
Is on the road again
Just can’t wait to get on the road again
The life I love is [running miles] with my friends
And I can’t wait to get on the road again
On the road again
My apologies to Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. Also, my apologies to you, my readers, for this corny post, I will see myself out…

New St. Jude Marathon Weekend Race


2016 marks the 15th year of the St. Jude Marathon Weekend, and with it, St. Jude is introducing a new race distance! In years past, have you felt that the 5K was not challenging enough, yet the idea of the half marathon or marathon was still too daunting? Well, this year, you are in luck! St. Jude has decided to provide potential race participants with the option of running a 10K for the kids! I will still be either running the half or the full marathon, but I am excited that even more people can participate in this wonderful race weekend. More info can be found here.

2016 Goals and Expectations


2016 is going to be all about getting back to basics, and being the best Kyle that I can be. Top of the list will of course be the best father as possible, and every choice in which I make must factor my son and how it will impact him into it. That being said, this list is what I am aiming to do in 2016 to better myself and my community.

It's all about this guy now

It’s all about this guy now

  1. Embrace my spirituality. I have gotten so far away from this over the past few years that I am not sure where to even begin, but I am going to give it my best shot.
  2. Read for a minimum of 1 hour everyday. This does not mean playing on Facebook and Twitter for an hour, but reading actual books, magazine articles, and items of significance to expand my knowledge.
  3.  Be active for at least 30 minutes everyday. To say that I have gotten lazy would be a drastic understatement. Yes, I have had quite a bit going on, but I need to a handle on it. I do not want to return to the 300+ club again.

    I do not want to return to this form again

    I do not want to return to this form again

  4. Eat better. This goes hand and hand with my weight and laziness, but I need to do a better job of saying no to fast food and junk. I should completely abstain from these items, but I am going to allow an occasional (not daily) Chik-Fil-A trip or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup without brandishing too much guilt.
  5. Run locally. I have complained about the lack of races here in Memphis, but in 2016, there appears to be several new options for the 13.1 distance and beyond, so I am going to so my part and participate (I’ve already added the Mainly Marathons and Race 13.1 events in April, and I will be registering for the Great American River Run in May as well).
  6. Run more often. 1,000 miles is the goal for 2016. Getting and staying trained for my race calendar is lumped into this goal as well.

    Log 1,000 miles

    Log 1,000 miles

  7. PR at least 1 race. I do not care the distance, but I want to best my time for at least 1 distance in which I have previously run (no loopholes here) in 2016.
  8. Get more involved in my community. I work for a nonprofit and I do the Heroes thing for St. Jude, but I am currently looking to do more, and one area that I am actively pursuing is joining the board of directors for a nonprofit. I have applied to one board, but since doing so I have discovered more about the organization and decided that it is not an appropriate fit for me.
  9. Go to Opening Day 2016. A tradition I want to do with my son is to attend Opening Day for the Atlanta Braves with him every year. I have already purchased our tickets, and we will be there 3 months today to cheer the Braves on against the Washington Nationals!The Chop

So there you have it, my short, but lofty goal list for 2016 to be a better me. This list is very attainable, and unless some unforeseen circumstances arise, I should be able to check each one of these off by December.

Running in the Memphis Heat (Not the Wrestling Documentary)


Hot Outside

I am not going to lie, staying motivated this summer has been almost impossible. I have allowed the heat and humidity to best me, and there really is not an excuse for this. I live in Memphis, where it is always hot during the summer and this is not exactly my first time experiencing it. I have just allowed it to creep into my psyche, and with each slow run, this negativity creeps further into my mind. The temporary reprieve from the heat last week showed a glimmer of hope for my running, so this is what I am going to build upon.


Six months ago, I was griping about the cold and ice hampering my running, and now it is the heat! I just need to get back into the proper mindset to return to a strong running regiment. The 5K I ran in on Friday night is the first step in this endeavor, but more on that race later this week.

Best of luck to all of you as you battle this heat with me!

Back to Back Half Marathons


Next weekend will mark my first attempt at running a half marathon on back to back days. I have run a 5K, half marathon, and 5K in consecutive days, a 10K and half marathon back to back, a marathon, and even two 5K’s in one day, but never double-digit race miles on back to back days. This is going to be a challenge, but one I want to attempt. My training is not 100% where I want it to be at this point, but I am confident that I will be able to complete my goal. After all, I am not too proud to walk if the need arises. Double Weekend   While prepping for this endeavor, I reached out to fellow runners through social media for advice. I am not personal trainer, but I thought that the information was good, I feel obliged to share it here. The information is as follows:

  • Hydrate!
  • Eat more than you think you should. Do not gorge yourself, but I will consume more calories than normal, so fuel properly.
  • Clean and quality fuel will help in the recovery process.
  • Rest. Get extra sleep to recover…
  • But do not rest too much. Keep moving after race number one to keep my legs loose.
  • Foam roll and stretch after each race.
  • Compression gear after each race.
  • Do not try to PR, run for the joy of it.
  • Chose one race to run harder in than the other.
  • Actually train with back to back long runs.

There were some other responses, but this is the gist of the information that I received. The two races I have chosen to run back to back are the Andrew Jackson Half Marathon in Jackson, TN, and the Germantown Half Marathon Germantown, TN. This is about as convenient as back to back races can be with the ability to sleep in my own bed and travel about an hour at the most to a race.

Staying Active in the Ice


Currently, Memphis and much of the mid-south is experiencing some intense ice coverage, which limits what can be done. I currently do not have a gym membership, but I can go to the student rec center when it is open. But, of course, with this ice, comes school closings, and thus, the student rec center is not an option. Likewise for boot camp since it follows the University of Memphis’ decision to cancel classes and activities or not. I could try my hand at running along the streets, but with my propensity to fall, that seems like a huge gamble. Especially with the Mercedes Half Marathon coming up this Sunday. Therefore, I must find ways to be active within the confines of my house.

We may see a couple of these on the Memphis roads.

We may see a couple of these on the Memphis roads.

Last night, Susan suggested that I try an interactive program called GoNoodle that they use at her school. It is a way for students to learn while being active. The learning fractions was not of my concern, but the activities were. I did a combination of indoor running, Zumba, yoga, and calisthenics. It was a better workout than I was expecting, and it was a great way to keep moving.


Tonight, I am going to do some TRX and other body weight exercises. TRX is always a quick and easy way to stay active at the house, so if this ice maintains for a few more days, I should be covered. I should be able to reach the end of my ice induced hibernation without gaining an obscene amount of weight.