Rookie Running Mistake


Today I made a rookie mistake on my run.  I went for my long run for the week this afternoon, and decided to try it without properly fueling.  I had a big breakfast and was not very hungry, so I did not eat lunch.  I washed both our cars, bought some groceries, and decided to run my eleven miles while it was still daylight.  I honestly did not think anything about fueling and just headed out.  I was a little sore from raking leaves yesterday, so I thought that I was not going to have my best runner ever.  Also, I drank a little bit last night, so I was not optimally hydrated.  Early in my run, I felt good, even if I was slow.  I had some Sports Beans around mile five, and drank water as I felt I needed some.  Around mile nine and a half, I all of my extremities started tingling and I did not feel right.  I decided not to push it so I started to walk.  I had nothing left in the tank and I had no clue what was happening.  Once I made it back to the house, I grabbed a quick bite, and started to feel better immediately.  Let’s just say Susan was not happy that I ran eleven miles without eating anything for roughly six hours.  This was a rookie mistake, and just a reminder to pay a little closer attention to what I am doing out there.

Says it all, really

Homer says it all, really

On a brighter note, this was an amazing weekend and I was able to get quite a bit accomplished around the house.  We have pine trees around our house, and this is such a pain to deal with.  They drop pine needles and branches all year-long and they constantly need to be raked up.  I had not raked any of these needles in a couple of months, so I had a rather large task on my hands.  I ended up having twenty-three thirty-nine gallon bags of pine needles when I finished raking on Saturday.  I was shocked to see grass in my backyard!

Reminds me of Snuffleupagus

Reminds me of Snuffleupagus

This looks much better

This looks much better

After my yard work, I decided to relax, so I sat outside in the sunny, sixty-five degree weather and read a book for a little bit.  It has been so cold and dreary here this winter, so it was great to be able to relax outside. And of course getting to grill a steak on the grill without freezing to death was an added bonus as well.

Now, it is time to watch The Walking Dead and True Detective.

Weekly Recap


Another week of running is in the books and I am rapidly approaching my next half marathon!

Monday: I did some light core work after class, but not enough to be considered a full-blown workout.  I also had quite a bit of reading for class, so I focused more on that.

Tuesday: Early morning four miler.  It was a little warm, but not too bad.  The rest of the day was my typical work then school format.

Wednesday: I did not workout because I was finishing up my third paper due for my Wednesday night class.  The professor gave us the night off of class to work on the paper and I wanted to make sure that the paper was written at a substantial level.

Thursday: I opted for extra sleep and one last tweak of my paper, so I ran after work.  It was rather hot, but the run felt good.  Afterwards, we tried the new Mellow Mushroom by our house.  It just opened, but the service was TERRIBLE and waiting 50 minutes for a small pizza is really unacceptable.  Especially when you order three small pizzas and get three pizzas in three different sizes.

Boo, the Dodgers won.  Kris Medlen had another rough postseason start.

Friday: I did the Spartan Ab 100 again, and I might finally be remembering the entire routine without constantly checking my iPhone.

Yay, the Braves won!  Mike Minor might be the ace of the staff again!

Saturday: I ran two races, the Tap ‘N Run Memphis and the Memphis Zombie Hunt 5K.  It might have been three, but Susan was leaving for the beach, so I opted to see her off.  I will do individual race recaps sometime this week.  I will say, however, that the weather was drastically different for the two races, and I actually finished seventh in my age group for the Zombie Hunt 5K!

Memphis Zombie Hunt 5K

Memphis Zombie Hunt 5K

Tap 'N Run Medal

Tap ‘N Run Medal

Also, were there any two teams in the country that lost in a more heart breaking way than the Memphis Tigers and Tennessee Volunteers did?  Memphis lost two fumbles for TD’s in the last two minutes of the game, one at least should have been overturned by replay, and then the would be tying kickoff return TD was negated by a rather weak holding call.  Tennessee, huge underdogs, had a late lead in the fourth quarter, but allowed Georgia to tie it to force OT.  Then they fumbled the ball out of the end zone while trying to score the go ahead TD.  The Vols might be cursed.  The Smokey Grey uniforms looked good, but they should probably match the helmets to them in the future.

Sunday: I ran the longest distance of my life by completing fifteen miles!  It was not as great of a long run as my last one, but I completed it and that is all that matters.  I am building towards the WDW Marathon and the mileage will certainly help me for the Four Bridges Half Marathon in two weeks.  The weather was chilly and overcast at the beginning of my run, and by the end three hours later, it was hot and sunny.  I got a little bit of a sunburn, but I maintained hydration throughout.

Damn, the Dodgers beat the hell out of the Braves.  This was quite a depressing game.  There is still hope though!  Just win the next two!

The Broncos and Cowboys game was the game of the year in the NFL, and of course the Cowboys came up short due to a Tony Romo interception.  He played amazingly until the last drive and was on his way to the NFL single game passing record.  Then he Romo’d and the Broncos won 51-48.  Watching the Cowboys builds character, I suppose.

The Titans really need Jake Locker to return from his hip injury.  They looked terrible on offense without him.

This was the first week since the end of Breaking Bad, so there was a void in TV, but at least The Walking Dead returns next Sunday night.