The Things You See On a Morning Run


Yesterday morning I was taking advantage of a mild (for August) morning by getting in some miles. It was a good run, especially since I have had a slow and unproductive summer of running. I am back in full training mode now, and the weather is no longer a viable excuse. Anyway, this is not the purpose of this post. On my run, I was joined by a couple of running partners.


I was about halfway through my run, I came across two poodle mixed dogs that appeared to have been on the street for a while. They were cautious to approach me, and eventually, I decided to run back to my house to get some food for them. As I was approaching my house, I noticed that the two pups were running stride for stride with me. When I got to my house, my dog Molly was going crazy that I brought two other dogs to the house, and in the process, both dogs hesitated to approach the house. I went in to get some food and water, and when I returned, my neighbor was outside petting one of the dogs. We decided to put the one dog in his backyard and tried to get the second one to approach us as well, but she was having none of it.


Eventually she wondered off, and I made the block on foot with some chicken for her. After feeding her, she followed me back to my neighbor’s house and we placed her in the backyard with the other dog. It appears to me that the dogs are siblings, and have been on the streets for several days. They had no collars and desperately need to be groomed. They are very sweet and playful, and probably are still in the puppy phase. I cannot imagine anyone not aggressively searching for these two.


My neighbor took them to then to the vet and they unfortunately do not have a microchip. We both have posted their information across various social media platforms and animal rescue sites, but we are still in search for the pups family. I hope they were not just abandoned, but that is my fear. My neighbors have graciously agreed to foster the two dogs until we find their owners, and their daughter is completely smitten with the pair!

The duo after a bath

The duo after a bath

If you are in the Memphis area and know of anyone that is missing two white poodle mixes, please let me know!