Quick Training Update


The past two days have not gone according to my schedule, but I have been able to squeeze in a couple of runs.

This semester my wife is working late on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I’m coming straight home from work instead of going to the gym to let our dog Beau out and play with him a little bit.  Once Sus gets home, I plan on going for a run and/or doing a TRX workout at the house, but of course on her first day of working late, she had a kid’s mother forget to come get her child!  Susan had to sit at school for an extra hour and a half waiting for the child’s mother to get off of work.  Beau does great in the house the majority of the time, but he tends to get spastic when we come home, play with him, and then leave again.  Beau is a 25 pound labradoodle so taking him on my 4 mile run probably isn’t smart, so I compromised.  I decided to take Beau with me for about a mile, and then wait for Susan to come home.  The great part of running with Beau (besides getting him some exercise) is that it can be more of a speed run than I normally go on.  Beau and I sprinted for 1.15 miles at an 8:26 pace.  Maybe one day I can keep that pace for an entire race!  After getting back to the house, I thought that I would feed Beau, get a quick drink of water, and head back out for another 3 miles or so.  Wrong!  The parent was still no where to be seen, so I stretched, relaxed, and waited on Susan to get home.  That took another hour.  When she finally got home, I did head back out to finish my run.  Don’t worry, I had dinner in the oven (homemade Greek pizza for her and BBQ chicken for me) so we still were going to have some family time.

The second run went decently as well.  I kept a pace of roughly 9:45 a mile for the first 2.5 miles and closed the last .65 miles at a 8:13 pace.  I wanted to run longer, but dinner was ready and it was in my best interest to be at the table on time.  I imagine I will go on the mile or so run with Beau every Tuesday and Thursday, and follow it with my TRX training.  I’ll probably also do my distance runs in the mornings on those days to insure that I get my weekly mileage in.

Today, I decided to do some treadmill work at the gym.  The plan was to do 4.5 miles, keeping a constant pace.  I was going to follow the run with some crunches, planks, push ups, pull ups, and stretching, but at about mile 3, my selective memory kicked in.  Susan had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and somebody needed to let Beau out!  Needless to say, I’m a horrible person for forgetting about Beau!  I ended my workout immediately and sped home to get Beau.  After letting him out, I gave him an extra treat as an apology and gave him dinner.  I can be really absentminded at times!  My run prior to the the abrupt stop was going well and I maintained my 9:11 pace for 3.11 miles.

Tomorrow, I will not forget any of my chores, nor will I neglect my entire workout schedule!