Running in the Memphis Heat (Not the Wrestling Documentary)


Hot Outside

I am not going to lie, staying motivated this summer has been almost impossible. I have allowed the heat and humidity to best me, and there really is not an excuse for this. I live in Memphis, where it is always hot during the summer and this is not exactly my first time experiencing it. I have just allowed it to creep into my psyche, and with each slow run, this negativity creeps further into my mind. The temporary reprieve from the heat last week showed a glimmer of hope for my running, so this is what I am going to build upon.


Six months ago, I was griping about the cold and ice hampering my running, and now it is the heat! I just need to get back into the proper mindset to return to a strong running regiment. The 5K I ran in on Friday night is the first step in this endeavor, but more on that race later this week.

Best of luck to all of you as you battle this heat with me!

2 thoughts on “Running in the Memphis Heat (Not the Wrestling Documentary)

  1. chasingdownhealthy

    It sounds like you’re getting your head in the right place with the heat. It really brings me down, I have extreme heat intolerance and am struggling to overcome the mental aspect so I can deal with the physical. I feel like I’m getting better, though. Just know that you are not alone in trying to beat the heat!

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