2015 Germantown Half Marathon Review


This is not my first time running in this event, and it will not be my last. I have reviewed the race a couple of times now, and I find it redundant to do a full review each year as long as the organizers and course remain constant, which they did for this year. Instead, I am going to talk about this day in particular and the 2015 version of the race medal and swag.

Susan captured this pic of me running along the course

Susan captured this pic of me running along the course

What a difference a day makes for the weather! After the rain that never seemed to end, this race day ended up beautiful. The day started chilly, but warmed up as the day progressed. Sunday ended up being the best day of the year thus far, even if it did not feel that way in the second half of the race. After months of freezing temps, the mid-60’s felt like a heat wave and hammered me on the run. It did feel great to be in the sun and to not be bundled up after the race.

Determination late in the race

Determination late in the race

By using a run walk ratio for the Andrew Jackson Half Marathon on Saturday, and then again for this race on Sunday, I was able to actually finish this race, and the more difficult course four minutes faster than the day before! I was very pleased with my efforts during the race and even though this was much slower than last year’s event, I think that I am returning to a good place with my running.

2015 Germantown Half Marathon finisher's medal

2015 Germantown Half Marathon finisher’s medal

Swag: B+: For the second year in a row, there was a redesign of the race medal, shirt, and logo. It was another great design, and certainly trumped what was done for the race for the years prior to 2014. I preferred the designs from 2014, but this year was still very good. I love that this year they made a long-sleeved shirt for the race, even if they keep you guessing on the proper size to order with the constant changing of shirt brands and types. For anyone that is a repeat participant in an event, it is nice to have a variety of shorts for an event, and in this capacity, this race is succeeding.

2015 Germantown Half swag

2015 Germantown Half swag

The race organizers also did something great for the race participants. There was a large number of late registrations, and rather than having a medal shortage fiasco like a couple of years ago, they were proactive in their approach. They emailed everyone, letting them know that if you registered after a certain date, you would not get a medal on race day, but rather you would have one sent to you when the second batch were finished. To determine how to distribute the medals for the races, they color coordinated race bibs. If you had a green bib, you got a medal. A white bib meant that you did not. It worked great from what I could see after I finished.

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