Last First Day of School


Last night marks what should be the last first day of school for me. Probably. Provided that I decide that I do not care to have Dr. before my name. But as of right now, this looks like it will be my last semester as a student, and it is bittersweet.

Picture Susan did from my first day of grad school. We are dorks.

Picture Susan did from my first day of grad school. We are dorks.

On one hand, it is great to be finishing up my Master’s degree, and potentially opening up new vocational opportunities for myself, which will lead to new opportunities for Susan and I as we grow our family. But on the other hand, I have always enjoyed school. I am not sure where to the enjoyment originated, but as long as I can remember, I enjoyed going to school. Now snow days and summer break were great, but going to school excited me. I enjoyed buying new school supplies, tackling new subjects, and in the later years, meeting new classmates.


When I graduated from college in 2006, I thought that my formal education journey had ended. Originally I was geared towards continuing my education in law school, but I decided that I had been in school long enough, and becoming an attorney was not the right career path for myself. I enjoyed earning a steady paycheck and having a career. I enjoyed finally being able to prove to my parents that I was truly an adult, capable of taking care of myself. And then, as the years wore on, I got the itch to further my education.

Maybe it was the feeling of being trapped in my current job. Maybe it was Susan earning her Master’s, but the itch continued to grow until I decided to take the plunge. In fact, this blog started about the time I started the process of re-enrolling in school, and helped knock of some of the rust associated with a seven-year hiatus from school.

After earning my Bachelor’s Degree, I left college with $0 in student loan debt. I cannot say the same about graduate school, yet, I am still optimistic that this new degree will enhance my employment opportunities. My worrisome nature will dwell on this new debt, but gaining the flexibility and knowledge needed to advance my career will continually win this internal conflict.

I am looking forward to what this final semester shall present for me, and how this experience will further shape me as a person. And if I get the itch to come back to school for a third time, I suppose that I can always go to the store and stock up on some new school supplies…

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