Disneyland 10K Recap


Saturday was the Disneyland 10K as part of the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.  I ran the event as a part of the Dumbo Double Dare. Surprisingly, this was just my second ever 10K, and being that it was proceeding a half marathon, I was not even going to attempt to a PR.  And since the weather was warmer and much more humid than expected, it was great that I was not looking to PR.  I did, however, run the race a little faster than expected.  I wanted to take it somewhat easy, but I felt great throughout, and just coasted along.  I could have shaved a couple of minutes off of the final number, but I am glad that I did not with the half looming the following morning.

Course: A: My first thought about the race upon looking at the course map was that it was going to be the most enjoyable race of the weekend.  It was a flat course that despite the large number of runners, seemed to have room to accommodate the majority of us.  And while the course was primarily through Disney’s California Adventure and Disneyland, the amount of photo opportunities were lacking.  Most Disney races have several places for photos, but there were not that many throughout the course.  There were two in Cars Land, which may or may not have just been a part of the park normally, and towards the end there was a Lilo and Stitch character meet.  Some people saw Chip and Dale, but most did not see both on the course.  

Disneyland 10K Swag

Disneyland 10K Swag

Swag: A-: Disney is know for their medals and other race swag.  Of course, you pay a premium for these, but some races charge a large amount and you get inferior medals.  This is not the case with runDisney.  The medal for the 10K was great, especially if you are a huge Lilo and Stitch fan.  I have never seen the movie, so I was indifferent about the character, but the medal does look great.  The race shirt also came out very well, and seemed to be the best received shirt of all of the weekend’s events.  I love the runDisney shirts because they are roomy tech shirts and as a large runner, roomy shirts are always appreciated.  

Disneyland 10K Medal

Disneyland 10K Medal

The downside of runDisney events is the post race spread.  There is no beer (understandable) and the prepackaged boxes of food are kinda meh.  There is a science behind them apparently and with the amount of runners, there has to be a way to ration out the refreshments.  A prepackaged box of crackers and one banana is underwhelming. 

Overall: A: I really enjoyed this race. A 10K is not a distance that is overwhelming and with the limited amount of space at the California Disney parks, it utilizes the space very well.  Since the 10K was not the main event of the weekend, the crowds were much easier to navigate before, during, and after the race.  With the 5:30 am start, and the shorter distance, the majority of runners could be finished with the race, showered, and at the parks by the time they opened in the morning.

I really enjoyed the race, and I would do it again, but next time I participate in a Disney race in California, I hope it is the Avengers or Star Wars events, simply because I am a nerd and the weather will be even better. 

2 thoughts on “Disneyland 10K Recap

  1. Nice recap! I feel the same as you. The course was very underwhelming with the amount of characters on the course. I ran the 10k in Disneyworld in January and they had way more characters on the course. I was pretty disappointed since that’s one of the cool things about it being a Disney race.

    Also agree on the post race refreshments. What’s a girl got to do to get some chocolate milk and a bagel??

    • I was honestly surprised by the lack of characters along the course. I had told my wife that I was going to take several photos along the course, and then it was empty. Chocolate milk and a bagel would have been great!

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