Hit and Run 5K Memphis Recap


First things first, I would like to apologize to anyone that wanted to see me fall during this race.  I forgot to bring my GoPro camera, so, unfortunately, there is no proof of my navigation of the course.  You can get a good idea of the course if you have ever seen the show Wipeout because this race could have been a warm-up course for the show.

Race swag for the Hit and Run 5K

Race swag for the Hit and Run 5K

It was a hot Saturday here in Memphis. I was mercifully in an early wave for the race so I only had to deal with temps in the mid-80’s. The course was a combination of parking lot, road, and vacant field with 5 inflatable obstacles along the way.  The race started in waves with people registering for half an hour blocks, and being dispersed in 25-30 people bursts every 90 seconds, which did a great job of keeping the course moving freely.

The race was untimed, and with the water on the course, I decided not to wear my watch, so there is no official time for my run, but I finished the course in under 40 minutes.  The first obstacle was the Slippery Slopes which had you climb onto the inflatable, walk across a beam, around protrusions while having dodgeballs thrown at you.  There also was soap covering the obstacle.  I fell. The second obstacle was the Wobble Wall which had you climb up the obstacle and walk across several wobbly pedestals.  I fell.  The third obstacle was the Bouncy Bridge which is basically the Big Balls from Wipeout. It was a serious of 4 inflatable balls that you climb up 11 feet and jump onto the first one, and bounce along to the rest. I bounced onto the first one, and made it no further.  I was not alone in this outcome.  The fourth obstacle was the Whacking Wall which requires you to climb up and walk along a narrow path along a wall while people threw dodgeballs at you and panels from the wall would swing open.  Surprisingly, I did not fall.  The fifth and final obstacle was the Duck or Dive which has runners walk across a narrow, inflatable bridge across a pool while big balls rotated overhead.  I fell.

The course was fun, but hot.  The swag was OK.  The race volunteers were very friendly.  I registered via Groupon and had an additional discount, so this race only cost me $10, so I certainly think that I got my money’s worth from that. However, I probably would not go out of my way to participate in this race again in the future.


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