MRTC Road Race Series 5K #2

This is the timing chip for this year's event.

This is the timing chip for this year’s event.

This morning was the second race, and second 5K in the Memphis Runners Track Club Road Race Series.  And while the temperature was not quite as high as 2 weeks ago, the humidity was absolutely oppressive.  By the end of the race, I looked like I had completed a 5K in a pool, not the street.  Add this to my miscalculation not to drive to the event, but rather run/jog/walk to it, and I had a miserable morning.

I had my doubts

I had my doubts

I decided to go to the race on foot because I needed a long day according to my training plan, so I thought that adding the 2.5 miles each way to the venue plus the race, and I would almost have my mileage done.  Instead, it accelerated my sweating process, and after mile 1 of the race, the wheels fell off.  I ended up run/walking to my worst 5K finish in 3 years.  There was not a dry stitch of clothing on my body, including my shoes and socks  And I still had to get home!

This was me

This was me today.

In the end, I finished close to the same spot as I did 2 weeks ago, so I am guessing that I am not the only person that was sacked by the humidity.  I am, however, 1/5 of the way towards the coveted road warrior status, and will hopefully run stronger in 2 weeks for the first 5 mile race of the series.