Great Race Medals


It has been awhile since I posted, but I just came across this article about the coolest race medals of the year thus far. I have one of the medals (Disney), and at least four of the others would have been very manageable to obtain from Memphis (and I might try obtaining the Jackson, MS, and Little Rock, AR ones next year).

2014 WDW Marathon Medal

2014 WDW Marathon Medal

I will say that it seems that size matters for these medals, but the one for the ODDyssey Half Marathon is amazing and original.  They have taken the idea of a bottle opener and took it up a notch by making the medal a mountable bottle opener!  Very cool!  I do feel that the Oak Barrel Half can hosed on not being included, but it is still a solid list.

My awesome race medal!

My awesome race medal!

So anyway, you can find the entire list here.

I think that I will do my own top ten list of race medals at some point.  Maybe a top ten of the ones I have earned as well as a top ten of all that I have seen.


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