Motivation Monday: You Are What You Eat



The silhouette should probably be a little plumper, right?

The silhouette should probably be a little plumper, right?

I struggle with this concept more than I should.  If I burn 3,000 calories, why can’t I consume 3,000 calories throughout the rest of the day?  I gained weight while training for the WDW Marathon, and I have not lost any of it since the event in January either.  In fact, I have gained some more weight since then despite running in as many have marathons in 2014 as the rest of my life combined!  Why?  I have not focused on my diet like I should.  There have been too many trips to Muddy’s for cupcakes and a reemergence of fast food into my diet.  I have always struggled with keeping a good balance in my diet.  If I log the miles, I should see the results.  Or at least that is what my food obsessed brain thinks.  I need to focus a little stronger on this idea moving forward.

12 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: You Are What You Eat

  1. I have the same problem. I eat and drink way too much and expect the running to balance things out. I could hardly lose weight even when I was running over 25 miles a week because I was drinking and eating so much. Diet is so important … a concept I have yet to grasp. Now, after months of depression and a serious stress fracture, I lost most of my fitness and gained a huge amount of weight. I’m trying to get back on the road and run and hopefully I will grasp the concept that diet is as important as running.

    Good luck to you!

  2. I struggle with that as well. I am training for a marathon and I feel like that gives me permission to eat everything! I do admit that I get very hungry after long runs. “Runchies or Rungry” I’ve seen other runners call them. 🙂

  3. Oh man I definitely have the same problem. I would much rather work out than watch what I eat, but unfortunately there’s no exercise plan I can follow to eat whatever I want while still fitting in my pants AND holding down a job. Trust me, I’ve tried 🙂

    • Lol, if it were only that easy! I would have it made! It is sad that running in 90 degree weather with 100% humidity is easier than watching what I eat!

  4. I’ve been able to stay with in 5lbs of my post marathon weight from Oct last year. This training cycle, I am trying to get 6 lbs lighter than my marathon weight from last year which equals about a 10lb loss.

    It’s hard trying to cut back because I feel like I already eat healthy. I’ve been doing a lot of juicing and eliminated sweets besides an occasional blow pop or frozen dark chocolate square.

    So, I feel your pain. When you reach that plateau, it can ve even harder to lose more.

    • Congrats on maintaining during a training cycle! During my initial weight loss I was so focused on losing weight that it actually became an easy routine. Now if I can only get back to that!

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