Disneyland Half Medals Revealed


This morning runDisney released what the medals would look like for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.  Last year the 5K and 10K had an Alice and Wonderland theme.  This year the them for the 5K and 10K is Lilo and Stitch.  Some people are very excited about the change, some are sad, I am honestly indifferent.  The Dumbo remains the same and half marathon medal is tweaked from last year’s event.  Here you go with what the medals you be earning in August will look like.

2014 Disneyland Half Weekend Medals

2014 Disneyland Half Weekend Medals

What do you think? Yay or nay or meh?

6 thoughts on “Disneyland Half Medals Revealed

  1. Last time I ran the Disneyland Half was 2009 (the medal was of the Disneyland Castle). The new one seems fine and the ribbon looks like a throwback to the ’50s. I’m more interested to see the medals for the Avengers Half Marathon and Star Wars Half Marathon (they better hit homeruns with those).

    • I’m very intrigued to see the medals for those two events as well. I imagine that they will hit a homerun with at least one of those, probably both. Of course, when they are released, I’m going to be pissed even more that I was unable to participate in either weekend.

      • I’ve been pretty vocal about how overpriced and overcrowded Disney races are and that I was planning on dropping them. And then they go and add Superhero and Star Wars themed races. I do believe this will be my last regular Disneyland Half for the foreseeable future. We’ll see how the Avengers and SW races go… they might get a pass just on their geek factors alone.

      • Exactly. I felt that the Disneyland Half would be my one and only Disney race in California, but now I feel obligated to run in the Avengers and Star Wars events at least once. Too bad Avengers wasn’t announced until after I registered for DL Half.

      • I agree… I most likely would have passed had I known about the Avengers Half before the DL Half registration. As is stands I’ve got another half (Madison Mini) two weeks before Disneyland and another (The Ventura Half Marathon) the week after. Going to be a crowded month o’ racing.

  2. kaylarunshappy

    I have never participated in a RunDisney race and I’m not sure if I have plans to anytime soon, but I LOVE that Stitch medal!

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