West Tennessee Warrior Run Recap


Saturday was the West Tennessee Warrior Run in small town Gadsden, TN.  An acquaintance turned my onto this race, and since it was within driving distance for me, I decided what the hell. This was my tenth half marathon and fifth thus far in 2014 (since March 16 actually).  It leveled me up in the Half Fanatics and I earned every bit of the milestone with the heat and hills.

As seen on the course...new and used cows

As seen on the course…new and used cows

The race started at 8 am, which is a tad late for May in the south.  The first hour of the race was comfortable, but then the clouds dissipated and the heat set in.  And my running splits reflected this heat wave.  Miles 1-7 were very consistent and strong. I was not on pace for a PR, but it was going to be a solid race.  But then I succumbed to the heat and my pace fell way off.  Mile 12 was absolutely brutal and by the end, I crossed the finish line with a personal worst time.  But I finished, and now I am in double digits for half marathons completed.

West Tennessee Warrior Run Swag

West Tennessee Warrior Run Swag

This was by far the smallest race that I have participated in with only 46 runners.  This was the first year for this event, with the proceeds going to the Crockett County Christmas Store which provides Christmas presents for underprivileged area children.  It is a great cause, and even though this was a rough race with generic swag, I was happy to run and support this cause.  Consider this a training run for a cause.

West Tennessee Warrior Run Medal

West Tennessee Warrior Run Medal

Every medal you get cannot be the best you have ever gotten.  I am running in two half marathons later this year in which I will not even get a medal.  However, the theme of the race could have produced a great medal, especially with the race falling on Memorial Day Weekend.  Oh well.

4 thoughts on “West Tennessee Warrior Run Recap

  1. 5 marathons in just over 2 months is excellent. I’ve only done 4 in 1 year. Well, at least they got the red, white and blue in there. Summer heat is no joke. Glad ya made it through!

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