Race For Recovery 5K Recap


Today was the Race for Recovery 5K at Overton Park here in Memphis and it was my first of two 5K’s for the day.  The event was hosted by the Shelby County Drug Court Foundation.  The weatherman missed the mark a little bit for this one.  As of yesterday afternoon, the forecast called for 66 degrees and sunshine.  It actuality, it was 45 degrees, overcast, and windy.  It also followed a record-setting amount of rainfall, so it was not exactly the picture perfect day for a race.  You gotta love the March weather in Memphis!

raceforrecovery2014flyerThis was the first running of the event and all of the proceeds went directly to the Shelby County Drug Court.  The vast majority of the participants had some sort of connection to the drug court, whether it be employees, clients, providers, attorneys, or family members.  And considering the fact of the limited participant pool, I think that the race was a big success with 225 people running or walking today.

Course: The course was two loops on the paved running track in Overton Park.  It was an easy course to follow for the limited number of runners.  The only problem with the course is that since the course was two loops, several people just completed one loop, including several of the drug court clients.  It was not a huge deal except for the 17-25 female age group.  All three of the award winners in that group walked one loop and quit.  But since there were not many participants in this group, they still placed.  And unfortunately, they did not admit to it.  Honesty is a major component of the program and it is disheartening that they did not feel that it applied to this situation.

Race for Recovery Swag

Race for Recovery Swag

Swag: All runners received a t-shirt, tote bag, and coupons for local businesses.  A 5K with anything other than a white shirt is a plus.  Apples, coffee, bottle of water, and granola bars were available after the race.

I ran at my usual 5K pace and felt great after the race.  I was the 16th person to cross the finish line and was finally warm when I did finish.  I think that there was plenty that the race director learned from this year’s event and I hope that drug court hosts the event again next year.  And maybe then one of the local running shops will support the race like they pledged to do this year.