Germantown Half Marathon 2014 Recap


The 2014 Germantown Half Marathon was not my best half marathon, in fact, it was my slowest one to date, but it beats missing the race like last year.  It was a cool and rainy morning, as I was expecting.  This was my first half marathon in the rain, and there were a couple of challenges.  And all of the challenges were related to friction created from the extra water-soaked into my shoes and running gear.  It made for quite an uncomfortable run.

Very nice looking medal

Very nice looking medal

This year’s race had an updated logo, which I personally think is fantastic.  This is a vast improvement over the last few years and ended up being one of my favorite medals.  At the expo on Saturday, I noticed the new logo on the shirt and bib, and I was excited to think that the medal would also incorporate the same logo.  And luckily this was the case.  The expo was not the biggest in the world, but it was easy to get in and out.  There were a few vendors of upcoming races there, like the Navy Ten Nautical Miler and Ragnar Series.  There was also a couple of vendors selling running gear, but I did not browse their selections.

Sunday was one of those days when I was not at my best.  I do not know if it was the rain or the altered training schedule post WDW marathon, but I finished this race in my slowest half marathon time thus far.  But, as Susan pointed out, not every race can be a PR, and that is certainly true.  I finished the race and I feel good today.  I have no injuries, but I have several tender areas from my soaked clothing and shoes.  Even though I finished in a lackluster time, I can definitely see how people PR this course.  Maybe that will be in my future for next year.

The updated logo was a fantastic choice.

The updated logo was a fantastic choice.

Swag: B+: Tech shirts are always a welcomed sight and the medal is top-notch.  There were no other extras with this race.  I wanted to rate it higher since I liked the new logo so much, but the post run spread bumped this down.  Post race there was soup, bananas and cookies.

My sister-in-law sent me this picture this morning. I do not know who these people are, but I assume that she does.

My sister-in-law sent me this picture this morning. I do not know who these people are, but I assume that she does.

Course: B+: Last year, I rated the course as a B, but after completing it, I decided to take it up a notch.  The first 3.5 miles are practically all up hill, but this is not a monstrous climb.   After that, the course is rolling, and is ran primarily through residential areas of Germantown.  The course also incorporates the local high school (where beer was handed out) and a park.  Water stations were plentiful and GU was available at four of the water stations.  Also, there was great crowd support along the race route, including someone dressed like a hot dog and one as a lemon.  Susan, her father, and her sister were also along the course to cheer me along in the drizzle.

Overall: B+: This is an enjoyable race and easy to work into my schedule.  The race grows from year to year, and has the logistics worked out rather nicely.  This is a race that any one in the Memphis area should try to work into their schedule at least once.


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