Samoas Are My Kryptonite

Yep, this sums up me vs Samoas

Yep, this sums up me vs Samoas

This time of year is brutal for those of us that battle our weight.  The full brunt of the winter blues is upon you and the little army of sugar pushers are in full force.  You go to Kroger for fruit and they are there.  You go to the Home Depot to grab something for your house, they are there.  You go out to dinner, and boom, they are there.  You come to work, and their generals, or mothers, depending on how you are looking at it, are there, pushing the wares.  You cannot escape their reign of terror, it feels like the Stormtroopers in WWII if you are a fat guy trying to eat right.

How can you resist?

How can you resist?

Of course, I am talking the Girl Scouts of America and their biggest money-maker, Girl Scout Cookies!  I am not trying to disparage the Girl Scouts or their cookies, rather just pointing out how pervasive they are in a community with their cookies, and at $3.50 a box, it is nearly impossible to say no!   Especially when Samoas are involved.  Seriously, they are my Kryptonite.  I cannot resist them, and they wreak havoc on my health.  I open a box, and before I know it, they are gone.  Every last one of them.  I even turn up the container trying to savor every last crumb!  It really is a problem.  I think I need to go to a support group for this addiction.

This is Kryptonite

This is Kryptonite

Of course there are other varieties that are tempting, but for me, Samoas are my biggest weakness.  In fact, this season I have ONLY had two boxes of Samoas, and I feel that it is a victory for my waistline!

Not the healthiest thing I had this week, but they taste so good

Not the healthiest thing I had this week, but they taste so good

If you want to delve further into the facts about Girl Scout cookies, there is a great infographic here.  One thing that stood out to me is that last year there were $714 million worth of cookies sold!

This post has both made me hungry and want to go for a run!  I guess I will be busy after work…

*Again, this post is not trashing the Girl Scouts or any of its members, rather just illustrate how weak I can be in my weight loss journey.

8 thoughts on “Samoas Are My Kryptonite

  1. I have a weakness for the thin mints. When the little girl in my neighborhood was selling another kind I said for sure I’d buy some when she was selling the thin mints again. She came back the next week with 4 boxes she’d scrounged from someone’s stash. Of course I had to buy them…and eat them in record time.

  2. Precisely why I won’t buy them. Just resist the urge to even buy them, it’s so much easier than having self control. Make a girl scout donation if you want to support them, just don’t touch the cookies. 😉

    • That is certainly a better plan than trying moderation! I have also found that grocery shopping on weeknight significantly reduces the chances of being detained by them at the store.

  3. I bought 3 boxes. 1 Samoa and 2 Thin Mints. Gave 2 boxes away, which left me with 1 thin mint box that I’ve kept in the freezer. I try to trick myself into thinking cold cookies take longer to eat. One more row left and I will see them next year!

    • I’m not a huge Thin Mint fan, so the box that Susan has is perfectly safe. I also think she employs the freezer method for Thin Mints for this precise reason.

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