Getting Out of the Funk


It is exactly one month since I completed my first marathon and I have been in somewhat of a funk since that date.  I am not sure if I am not mentally invested or if my body wants a break, but I have been off my usual demeanor.  I have had some lingering pain in my toe and the weather has been unseasonably cold here in Memphis.  All of this has led to some lackluster runs and a couple of extra pounds to hang around as well.  This is not an ideal situation heading into this weekend’s Spartan Special Ops Sprint.  It is only a 3-4 mile run, but with at least 15 obstacles and 30 burpee penalties for failure to complete, I could be in for a long day on Saturday.  And not to mention the 3 half marathons I will be running in over the next 2 months.

I am giving it my best try

I am giving it my best try

I did have a good run tonight and worked in some cross training intervals, so I am going to try to build upon this momentum moving forward.  Not to mention that the deep freeze is going to subside for a few days, so getting a rhythm back should be a little easier.

Anyway, enough with the pity party.  Here is what I know about this weekend’s event.  There is an 80 yard barbed wire crawl, the event will be hosted at Raymond James Stadium, I can earn two medals, and this will be the first stadium race in the Spartan Series that will incorporate mud and water obstacles outside of the stadium.  Everything else is a complete mystery.  I am certain that there will be a rope climb, spear throw, and plenty of stadium stairs waiting for me on Saturday.

I have some basketball to watch and homework to do, so I am cutting this post a little short.