2014 Race Updates


The last couple of weeks have seen some adjustments to races on my 2014 schedule as well as one that I ran last year.

The before and after pic

The before and after pic

Warrior Dash Mississippi.  Sadly, this year I am no longer able to run in a Warrior Dash event.  Last year I had a blast at the event, but yesterday I received an email stating that the venue and date for this year’s event has changed.  The new date is April 26, which happens to be the same date of the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, so I had to forgo the Mississippi event.  I could have transferred my registration to another location, but the other nearby events are on weekends that also pose conflicts.  Therefore, no fuzzy warrior hat this year.  Oh well, I still have a Tough Mudder and Spartan Race coming.  And I guess I need to find a race for May.

Country Music Half Marathon.  I have never ran in this event, but tomorrow morning they are announcing their new route.  A few weeks ago, they announced that the start line will be moved downtown for the event.  It should be interesting to see how the new route is received.

Awesome finisher's medal

Awesome finisher’s medal

Tupelo Marathon and 14.2 Miler.  I am not running in this event this year due to it being held on the same day as the Disneyland Half Marathon, but I found it interesting that this event is also trying a new course.  The difference is that the new course for this event takes away one of the unique caveats that it offers.  The new course is in a different part of Tupelo which means that the 14.2 miler is being replaced with a normal half marathon distance.  The 14.2 distance was one of the features of this event that attracted me to this race, so I am happy that I was able to run it at least once before this change.  I am certain that the race medals will be as impressive as ever.