Officially Registered for Dumbo!

One of these is hopefully in my future!

One of these is in my future!

I was able to register early for the Dumbo Double Dare somehow this morning, so I am on track to earn my Coast to Coast medal this Labor Day Weekend!  I will also be earning a medal from the 10K, Half Marathon, and Dumbo Double Dare that same weekend!  That is a lot of bling and even more cash!  My 2014 race budget is officially exhausted, so any other races that I participate in will be local events.  But, I will mark off another state in which I ran and accomplish the Coast to Coast so those items can be marked off of my running bucket list.

7 thoughts on “Officially Registered for Dumbo!

  1. Wow man that’s one great blog, you sure completed number 2 and 3 on my bucket list, doing the dumbo double dash and coast to coast challenge. Sure is motivating. I did the avengers 10k last yr and loved it although I had a lil misunderstood problem with the security/cops there, but all went well nontheless, besides that I would love to do it again and this time the dumbo dare, i was aiming to do that in 2017 but after finding out that the theme for this yrs 10k is aladdin and pluto with mickey for the half I’m debating if I should sign up for it a this yr. Loll guess I have to wait til they reveal the medal first and Gotta start training now if I am. Are U planning on doing it. BTW how was doing the coast to coast and the travel and booking, never been to FL b4.

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