WDW Marathon Is Near!


We are exactly one month out from the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon!  And the festivities around the entire weekend start even earlier than that, especially for those runners completing the Dopey or Goofy Challenges. A few weeks ago, Susan and I received a package in the mail that was a reminder to customize our magic bands and yesterday we actually received our magic bands.  The idea behind the magic bands is great, and I am very curious about how they will work once we are in the parks.  But besides getting our magic bands, yesterday also provided several more exciting developments about the racecation.

These are our Disney Magic Bands.

These are our Disney Magic Bands.

Disney released corral information, course maps, iGift bags, and runner tracking information for the events over WDW Marathon Weekend.  Bib numbers were released last week, click here to find yours, but nothing about corrals were released until yesterday,  Of course, once I got my bib number, I referenced last year’s corral information to get an estimate of where I would be running this year.  My estimation was I would be in Corral C!  This was exciting, even if the race is a chip timed event, being closer to the front than the back will help with the frustration of people walking early in the race and I would not be waiting in my corral forever.  So, I must admit yesterday when I looked up my corral placement, I was shocked to see Corral H!  Last year, Corral H was the very last corral.  I immediately thought that must be some mistake until I looked a little closer.  Last year, the corrals were Elite, then A-H.  This year, the corrals are Elite, then A-P.  This means that corrals are much smaller this year for the race.  I have never ran in a runDisney event before, but I am curious what everyone thinks about this change.  Personally, I think it sounds great and will help with congestion along the course, but that is just my speculation.

This is my ultimate goal!

This is my ultimate goal!

You can find the WDW Marathon map here.  The iGift bag can be found here.  For further info on the other races, go to the runDisney main page, and there will be links to all everything that you need.

I will be here on 1.12.14

I will be here on 1.12.14

This is just a quick post about the Disney info, but once I finish my last paper of the semester (later this day), I am planning on doing a post about running in a canceled event (St. Jude Half Marathon), my birthday, a potential giveaway, and few other subjects.

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