Weekly Recap and More


I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving went well and anything that you ate was worth the extra calories.  I know that everything I had been worth it.  It has been awhile since I have posted and this will be more of a catchall post to encompass as much of what has happened for me over the last couple of weeks.


100 miles in 1 month!

100 miles in 1 month!

November marked the first time in my running history that I eclipsed 100 miles ran in a single month.  It was not necessarily my goal, but with my race and training schedule, it happened to work out that way.  I am not sure if I will repeat the same performance this month, but we shall see.  It is amazing how far I have come since beginning my running journey.

Half Fanatics

Half Fanatics

I decided to join the Half Fanatics two weeks ago as well.  My three half marathons in 63 days qualified me for the club, so I decided to give it a shot.  I am not sure what, if any perks come from the club, but it is something that I earned, so I am going to give it a shot.  I am Fanatic #5670.

As previously stated, I set my PR for distance twice this month, and I am building a great base for the WDW Marathon in January.  I have now officially ran over 20 miles in a single run!


I neglected to mention this in October, but I was able to register for the 2014 Oak Barrel 13.1 in April.  It is a smaller race in Lynchburg, TN and from the reports that I have seen, it is an event with a very loyal following.  Participation was capped at 1,400, and that number was reached in under a month.  Race medals are made from oak barrels, which is fitting for the home of Jack Daniels.  I am really eager to see what all of the buzz about this event is about.

Running & smiling in my first 13.1!

Running & smiling in my first 13.1!

This Saturday marks my third consecutive St. Jude Half Marathon to participate in, and I cannot wait.  This was my first two half marathons and will always be a race that I try to incorporate into my schedule.  This year’s race is going to add a new challenge since the projected weather is going to be quite cold.  The high is 36 degrees, so I guess my cold runs over the past couple of weeks will be beneficial for this race.  I just shivered thinking about it!  Also, I was able to raise over $700 for the children of St. Jude in association with this event as a St. Jude Hero, which is always a good feeling.

Originally, the St. Jude Half Marathon was supposed to be my last race of 2013, but now I think that I am going to run in the Starry 4K at Shelby Farms here in Memphis.  The race takes place at Starry Nights, an outdoor light display at Shelby Farms and participants run through the lights that normally you drive through.  Seems like a fun run and the proceeds go to the park, which is a great resource here in Memphis.

Need For Improvement:

I have fallen back into the habit of focusing on my running miles only.  I need to force myself to do more cross training, both for the improved effect on my running that will be the result as well as my overall health and performance.  The Spartan Race is coming awfully soon, and as it stands today, I am looking at completing several burpees at the event since the Spartan Race gives 30 burpees as a penalty for failing to complete an obstacle.

On Deck:

I am not sure how often I will post over the next nine days or so since I have two 15 page papers, one 12 page paper, and a final exam due during that time frame.  It is definitely crunch time!

I have been given a copy of Magical Miles: The Runner’s Guide to WDW to review for my blog and a copy to giveaway as well.  I have looked through the book a little bit, and it is quite thorough.  I cannot wait to dive in for my full review in the next couple of weeks.