Five Articles You Should Read


Throughout each day I browse the internet because I am bored, addicted to the internet, and looking for a minor diversion from school and work.  This browsing leads me to read quite a bit about sports, television, the latest craziness in the world and fellow bloggers’ accomplishments.  I tweet or share in Facebook the articles that interest me the most.  So on this Friday morning I thought I would share five of the articles I read this week that might interest fellow runners.

  1.  “Batkid Day Was Awesome: Here Are My Pictures” – Filmdrunk (OK this was last week, but was very awesome and should be shared as much as possible.
  2. “A Pair of Helping Hands Under the Golden Gate Bridge”  – Runner’s World – add this to the list of things I want to see and do in San Francisco
  3. “Five Better Names for a Half Marathon” – The Clymb – the author makes some valid points about the name and #2 is certainly my favorite.
  4. “5 Running Tweaks That Took an Hour Off My Marathon Time” – Daily Burn – stuff that you have probably seen before, but it is still good to think about again
  5. “Out There: Into the Light” – Competitor Running – an amazing look at the psyche of a competitor