FlipBelt Review and GIVEAWAY


A couple of weeks ago I was presented with the opportunity to test the FlipBelt out on my runs.  I was also given one FlipBelt to giveaway to a lucky blog reader, but more about that in a few moments.  What is the FlipBelt exactly?  It is advertised as “the world’s best running and fitness belt workout belt.”  I cannot with 100% accuracy say that it is the world’s best running belt, but I can say with 100% confidence that it is the best running belt that I have ever tried.  Currently, there are eight colors available on their website and five different sizes to help guarantee a perfect fit.   I have included the size chart so you can get a better idea about the fit of the belts.  As you know, I am a larger runner, so finding a good fit can be a bit of a challenge for me.  I went with the extra size option and it fits perfectly.  For reference, I wear a size 36 in pants and I have had zero issues with the belt.  I chose black because it is a basic color and since the belt would be concealed by my shirt most of the time anyway, I did not need a color that would standout too much.

*Unisex Size Guide
Belt Circumference Unstretched

Shipping was lightening fast from the FlipBelt.  I ordered my belt on a Tuesday afternoon and it was at my house by Friday of the same week!  It is hard to top that, especially since shipping is free inside the United States!  I went on a run with the belt on the first day that I got it and I have used it in the bulk of my runs since.  In fact, one of my first runs with it was in the Midsouth Championship Half Marathon, and it definitely did not slow me down in that race!

This is what it looks like

This is what it looks like

The belt is very comfortable and you barely know that you are wearing it.  My first run in it, I had my house key, iPhone, and three GU packs (just to see how it felt) packed into the belt.  After five miles of running, nothing had fallen out or shifted into an uncomfortable manner.  Furthermore, the belt did not bounce up or slide down once during my run.  And that is still true to this day.  I have run several times now with some hefty items, and the FlipBelt still stays securely in the place that I place it in.

An idea of how it works (taken from their website)

An idea of how it works (taken from their website)

The belt has slits around it in which you slide your items into it.  You can then flip the belt so the slits face your body, thus further securing the items inside the belt.  There are no snaps, ties, Velcro, or any of the such fasteners.  I have not had any issues with hot spots or chaffing from the belt or stored items as of yet either.  This has been true for a 5K that I have run in it as well as a half marathon and a sixteen miler last weekend.  The only issue that I have had with the belt is that my iPhone 5, in its Otter Box, is very snug in the belt, which makes it difficult to use during a run without stopping to pull out the phone.  Also, when running with your phone, place the screen of your phone so that when you are wearing the belt, the screen will face outwards.  This helps with condensation and allows you to use it a little easier as well.   And since the belt is a spandex-Lycra blend that is worn close to your body, you might want to invest in two belts unless you want to do laundry a little more frequently than you current belt.


  • Comfortable
  • No bounce
  • Stores several items
  • No chaffing (as of yet)
  • Items stay secure
  • Multiple sizes & color options
  • Cheaper than several other options out there


  • My iPhone with its case fit a little snug into the belt
  • I am curious to see what happens with the belt in the extreme heat and humidity of the Memphis summer

The Bottom Line:

I wish that I would have bought this belt months ago.  It is very comfortable and performs as advertised every time.  I am going to purchase at least one more so that I can wear a FlipBelt on consecutive days without worrying too much about its cleanliness.

The FlipBelt has been kind enough to offer all of my readers a 10% on the FlipBelt by simply using the coupon code RunLrg upon checkout.  They have also been kind enough to allow me to give one lucky reader a FlipBelt of their own.  You can enter the giveaway here.

I was not paid or compensated in for this post besides being provided one FlipBelt for the review.  All opinions and observations are my own, and have not been influenced by an employee of FlipBelt or any other outside sources.