Run For Your Lives, the Resurrection


A few months ago, I wrote about my disgust with the Run For Your Lives for how they had kept changing the Tennessee event and ultimately canceled it.  You can read about that here.  The price structure also kept changing and I felt that their time was limited.  This year had already seen the demise of the Hero Rush event series,  and those events did not seem to have nearly the amount of issues as Run For Your Lives.  Earlier this week, I noticed that my previous post about the event saw an incredible amount of traffic.  I thought it was weird, but did not look into it too much.  In fact, I only thought that I was rather lucky that my event was canceled in May so I got a refund.  Then, on Halloween, I saw a post on Facebook about people talking about some confusion about the event coming up in Phoenix this weekend.  Apparently, all registered participants for upcoming events were sent emails this week that the events were canceled and they should contact their bank about getting a refund.  That’s right, the event was folding and not issuing refunds!  This is exactly what I expected from the people in charge of the event.

New RFYL logo from the Facebook page

New RFYL logo from the Facebook page

Then enter Human Movement, the company behind events such as The Color Run, The Ugly Sweater Run, and 5K Foam Fest.  Human Movement not only took over for Run For Your Lives,, but they were honoring all previously scheduled events.  Obviously there were some changes to what people were expecting, but the bottom line was that everyone was going to have the opportunity to run in these events.  If your bank gave you a refund, so what, because you were still registered since the previous race organizers did not issue the refund.  Now that is great customer service!  You can learn more about this week for the event here.

Sunday, I checked the Facebook page again because I was curious to see how yesterday went.  While visiting Facebook, I noticed that Human Movement has decided to organize more Run For Your Lives events for 2014, with Memphis being one of the locations!  I am going to be very interested to see how this plays out in the future.  I am posting this for general information, and nothing more.  I was given a free entry to The Color Run in the past, but that is not why I am posting this.  Rather, this entire situation intrigues me.

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