True Blue 5K Recap


This was the fourth consecutive year that I have run in this event, and this year was just as good as previous years.  The event always takes place on the first Friday in November, and is used as a fundraiser for the Young Alumni Committee of the University of Memphis.  Four years ago, this was my first ever run, and now I try to schedule it every year.  Kind of like an anniversary I suppose.

This year’s event was the first of three consecutive days of races for me, and I had intended on running it at an easy pace.  The problem is that I tend to be terrible at taking it easy during an event.  Throughout the event, I was trying to slow down, but I still ended up running the event in 29:01, which is still one of my faster 5K times to date. But, I do not empty the tank and flat at sprint at any point, so maybe I did not expend too much effort.

This was me run/walking towards my 1st 5K at the True Blue 2010

This was me run/walking towards my 1st 5K at the True Blue 2010

The attendance for the race this year was down considerably from 2012.  It was the home opener for the Grizzles, so maybe that was a reason.  Also, I’m sure having a 7pm start on a Friday night also costs the event a few runners, but I hope they never change that aspect.  There are so few races in that time slot here that it helps this race stand out and in early November, this time slot helps lead to some PR’s.  I have personally PR’d the course twice, and might have again this year if I would have been going 100% for the entire race.  The race has great, long-sleeved shirts, and you see them all over town, a fact that the organizers are very proud of.  However, the shirts do not really change from year to year, so repeat runners have multiples of the same shirt in their closets.  This was combated by changing the race shirt color year to year.  My first year it was blue, second black, and third dark grey.  This year they went back to black, so I have two shirts that are basically the exact same.  I was kind of hoping for a repeat in blue, if they were going to repeat, since it is my most worn out of the three shirts.  Oh well, I wore the new shirt last night.

True Blue Swag

True Blue Swag w/ my old shirt thrown in to show the front and back of the shirt.

Swag: A: Great shirt that gets quite a bit of use from this runner, a Nike backpack, several coupons, and a great spread after the race.  These are consistent every year and have spoiled me for other 5K races.

Course: A+: I love that it runs around campus, including my old fraternity house.  For alumni returning to campus, it is a nice way to see what has changed since graduation.  It also is not too hilly of a course and is plenty wide to accommodate runners.  Runners finish in a giant inflatable tiger head on the Alumni Mall.

Overall: A+: I will always be partial to this race due to its significance in my weight loss and running.  It is always organized well and provides good value for the runner.  It I ever moved away, it would be a 5K that actually tempted me to visit specifically for.

Sunshine Award


So I wrote this post two months ago and forgot to post it.  I guess posting it a little late won’t hurt, right?

First, let me thank Kathy over at RUNin’ My Life for nominating me for this award.  It came completely as a surprise and was an honor to receive, even if I am not sure that I deserve it.  How this works is that Kathy nominated 10 bloggers for this award and then asked each of us to answer t0 questions.  After answering the questions, we are to nominate 10 people of our own, and ask them 10 questions.  You link back to the original poster’s blog, as well as your 10 nominees.  It encourages you to share some blogs that you love reading that others may not have discovered.  So, first, let’s answer Kathy’s 10 questions about me!

Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

1) Cat person or dog person? Dog person all the way!  We have a miniature labradoodle that is almost two years old.  I am actually allergic to dogs, so this is one of the most hypoallergenic breeds out there.


This was after helping me do some yard work

2) Favorite guilty pleasure song?  If you ask Susan, it would be Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys.

3) What was the best day of your life?  Easy answer here, my wedding day last October!

4) Favorite childhood memory?  It would probably be in 1992 when all I wanted was a White Christmas and it actually happened!  Growing up in West Tennessee, we did not get much snow, and this still remains the only White Christmas that I have ever experienced.

My twin brother, my nephew, & me, the kid with some hat issues

My twin brother, my nephew, & me, the kid with some hat issues

5) What is your favorite race distance? 13.1.  It was a nice goal to strive towards a couple of years ago and it is an attainable distance through hard work and dedication.  Every time I complete one, the overwhelming sense of accomplishment brings me back for another one.

6) Are you a road warrior, trail adventurer or treadmill enthusiast? Road warrior for sure.  It is just the most readily available resource in my area.  I do some trail running, but with my work and school schedule, it is hard to find time to travel to the trails to run.

I immediately thought of this when I read question 6! The Road Warriors from the WWF (now WWE)

I immediately thought of this when I read question 6! The Road Warriors from the WWF (now WWE)

7) What is your favorite cause or charity? St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital here in Memphis, TN.  A good portion of my runs have been for St. Jude, including my first two half marathons.  I am again running the St. Jude Half Marathon in December as a St. Jude Hero and I will also be running my next Warrior Dash as a St. Jude Warrior.  I also hosted a successful virtual fundraising race, the Platinum Sombrero 5K, for St. Jude over the summer.

Taken from the St Jude website

Taken from the St Jude website

8) What one word would your best friend use to describe you? Insane.

9) What is your favorite thing about running?  It is a hobby that I can continually get better at while still feeling accomplished and controlling my weight.

10) What do you hate about running?  Honestly, the cost.  It is definitely an expensive hobby with the shoes, gear, races, and such that I buy.  But I still pay my hard earned cash to do it and will do so as long as I am physically capable.

Narrowing down a list of 10 nominees was hard, so I used activity on my blog posts as a way to dwindle the list down.  The following are my 10 nominees:

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Congrats to each of you!

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Here are the 10 questions.

1. What is the most important piece of advice for new runners?

2. What is your favorite song to run to?

3. Have you ever been injured while running?  If so, how did you overcome it?

4. What do you do besides run to stay in shape?

5. What do you watch on TV?

6. Have you ever done a destination race?  If so, where?

7. What is your one piece of must have gear for a run?

8. What would cause you to quit running?

9. What has been your favorite race?

10. What has been your least favorite race?