Quick Update


There has been quite a bit going on for me over the past couple of weeks and I am getting behind on some topics that I want to post about.  In the next few days, I hope to post my recap of The Color Run, a product review for Quest Bars and The Flip Belt, race recaps for all three of my upcoming races this weekend, the second half of my Chattanooga trip, as well as my usual weekly recaps.

I have some disappointing news to pass along in this post.  Due to circumstances out of my control, I must cancel the Festivus 5K that was scheduled for December.  I did everything that I could to save the race, but in the end, I had to cancel it.  All registered participants will receive a refund from me, and you should look for an email in your inbox today.  In case you do not get the email, but do happen to follow this blog, the following is the email:

Dear Registered Participant,

It is with a heavy heart that I have to cancel the Festivus 5K Virtual Run.  There was multiple reasons for this decision, but ultimately, the goal of donating the most money to St. Jude was not going to be realized.  So, what does this mean for you?  I am currently trying to workout a refund situation with Active for the processing fees (which is not going well), but I will be issuing registration refunds to each registered race participant.  I can do this in a couple of ways.

1. I can mail you a physical check to the registration address.  This will be a personal check from myself and I promise you that it will not bounce.

2. I can issue you a refund via PayPal, just give me the email address associated with your account that I need to send the money to.

3. I can donate your registration fees directly to St. Jude via my personal fundraising page.  If you choose this option, I would enter the donation with your email on file and confirmation would be sent directly to you.  You can also monitor the donation at http://warrior.stjude.org/WarriorKyle

You can simply respond to this email with your choice, and I will process the request by the end of the week.

I appreciate your willingness to support my latest race and St. Jude, and I am very sad that it was unable to come to fruition.  Have a great day!


I hope to find fun and creative ways in the future to support the children at St. Jude and the running community.  I know that this was not a great post, but there will be quite a bit on the horizon to share.  Have a great day!