Zombie Hunt 5K Recap


So we finally launched our new database at work this week, and since the word database is in my job title, this has required an exorbitant amount of time dedicated to this endeavor my me,  But, I am quite weary of updated this info, so I decided to finally finish my Memphis Zombie Hunt 5K review.

Memphis Zombie Hunt 5K

Memphis Zombie Hunt 5K

This was race number two for me on October 5.  The first one was in downtown Memphis, and this one was forty-five minutes southeast of Memphis in a town/area called Michigan City, MS.  And with a three-hour window between the start of both races, I was not going to have much downtime between the two events.

This race was a trail 5K, a fact that did not dawn on me until the day of the event.  I have no clue why I was so oblivious to this fact, I mean the event was advertised to be held along the zombie hayride and hunt trail, which probably is not the main drag through town.  The difference in weather from this event and the Tap ‘N Run was staggering.  By the start of the race, the temperature was fifteen degrees cooler and there was significant cloud cover.  And within the first two minutes of the run, it began to rain, which is perfect for a trail zombie run, I suppose.

Early on in the race, I was doubting why I had run the Tap ‘N Run event as hard as I did, especially in the heat and sun.  I was feeling tired and dreading the hills.  I like to think that the hills are my equalizer with other runners because with my gait and build, my pace going uphill is quite competitive without expending huge amounts of energy.  Maybe running stadium stairs in football helps with this, I do not know.  But as the race progressed, I realized that I was not too far off of my recent 5K pace, and considering the terrain, this was quite the positive.  I finished the race in 29:06, which was good enough for seventh in my age group!  This is the first time that I have finished in a single digit in a category in a race with more than fifty people in my life!  I was proud of my effort, that is for sure.

Course: A-: It was a hilly, rocky, and muddy 5K course through the woods in rural Mississippi that was enhanced by the rain.  I nearly wiped out a couple of times going downhill due to the mud and rocks, but was able to maintain my vertical base.  All along the course people were dressed as zombies to “scare” the runners.  They were not jumping from behind trees or anything, but were merely there for ambiance.

Zombie Hunt 5K Swag

Memphis Zombie Hunt 5K Swag

Swag: B-: We got a cool medal, which is always a bonus for a 5K, a black t-shirt with the race logo, and a race bib.  We were supposed to also receive vouchers for $3 off both the zombie paintball and Catfish in the Barn.  I did not receive vouchers for either, not that I was probably going to use them anyway, but I guess my race bib was what would gain the discount.  Post race there was a water station and that was it.

Overall: B: It was a fun race, and a nice change of pace from a typical 5K.  The medal was great, the theme was great, and it is one of the few trail races in the Memphis area.  It was a very solid first year race and hopefully next year they will have enough medals and shirts for all participants on race day since they can better gauge the day off registrants.