Tap ‘N Run Memphis Recap


So this is my overdue recap of the Tap ‘N Run Memphis 4K event that was held on October 5.  The event is a national race with race locations primarily in the southeast.  The concept is simply a fusion of running and beer drinking.  It is a untimed fun run that encourages elaborate costumes and team participation to maximize participant enjoyment.  The race begins with chugging a small cup of beer, running about a mile, chug another small beer, run another mile, chug another small beer, and then finish the course where there was a medal and beer waiting for you.  In Memphis, the event was held on Beale Street, which is the natural location for a beer themed event.

Finished the run

Finished the run

I registered via a Living Social discount, and apparently there was a disconnect between the race and Living Social because all of the participants that registered that way had incorrect birthdays.  This meant that we were not assigned a bib number or registration.  This meant that I had a blank bib and had to verify my info once again.  This lack of communication led to a shortage of t-shirts for registered participants, but since this was a national event, they were able to provide more the following day.

There was a high probability of rain, which probably would not have been ideal for beer drinking on the side of the road, but the rain only appeared about an hour before the event began.  Afterwards, the sun came out, rapidly increasing the temperature and making the run a hot and humid ordeal.  Several people refused their beer at the second station due to the heat and the fact that the beer was getting rather warm as the race progressed.

Course: A-: The biggest issue, the heat, was out of the control of the event organizers.  The course was clearly marked and started and ended on Beale.  Runners were released in waves to help combat overcrowding at the beer stations.  The beer stations also had water for people who felt they needed some hydration and my only complaint about the stations was that the beer was warm.

Tap 'N Run Medal

Tap ‘N Run Medal

Swag: B+: All runners received a t-shirt, a bumper sticker (it reads 0.0), and a really good finisher’s medal that doubles as a bottle opener.  Sadly, my bib was blank, so I filled it with a Homer Simpson quote, which Susan made fun of me for a little bit.  Each beer station had a different kind of beer and at the end of the race you had a choice of Coors Light or Miller Lite.

Race swag for Tap 'N Run Memphis

Race swag for Tap ‘N Run Memphis

Overall: B-: The concept is great and it was a fun afternoon.  After the run, there participants could participate in contests for belching, shortest shorts, best mustache, and best costume.  There was a raffle wheel, which netted me a size small, hot pink tank top, and a good party atmosphere.