Weekly Recap

This was my view for most of the week

This was my view for most of the week

It has been a busy and expensive week (in a good way) for me this week.  This week was a down week for the Galloway WDW Marathon training plan which also serves as a brief taper period for the 4 Bridges Half Marathon.

Monday: This was a rest and recovery day after my fifteen miler.  I left work early so I could meet the driver from my buddy Zach’s dealership at my house because I purchased a new vehicle!  I did not really need a new vehicle, but I decided to upgrade to the 2014 GMC Sierra SLT.  It is an awesome truck with all the bells and whistles.  It is bigger than my old truck, so there is a little bit of an adjustment period to driving it, but taking it to and from the beach was good practice.

My new truck

My new truck

Tuesday: No run since I opted for an extra hour and a half of sleep.  I went to work, then class, and then I loaded up the new truck and headed to the beach to meet Susan and friends.  Seacrest, FL is eight hours from Memphis, so this was quite an endurance test.  I would like to thank the makers of Perky Jerky, Monster Energy, Diet Mountain Dew, and Snickers for helping fuel my midnight ride to the beach.  I am happy to say that I made the trip without an incident and really was not too tired to enjoy my mini vacation.

I reached Nike+ blue level while on vacation

I reached Nike+ blue level while on vacation

Wednesday: After a quick three hour nap, I woke up to enjoy the day.  I first went for a four mile run along the bike path parallel to Highway 30A.  It was a strong run with great scenery.  It was even better than the Greenline here in Memphis simply because the scenery was even better.  The rest of the day was spent at the beach and dinner consisted of some peel and eat shrimp and fried crab claws at a local eatery.

Thursday: I started the day with a mile long beach run followed by a quick circuit of incline pushups, crunches, bicycles, jumping jacks, side crunches, and normal pushups.  I followed that with a key lime doughnut from the Donut Hut, which was good, but would be trumped later in the week.  Afterwards, I discovered that Samuel Adams Octoberfest is an excellent beach beer and tried the local Grayton Beer IPA, which was excellent.  Dinner was at The Back Porch, which has great food, but next time I will order a blackened sandwich instead of the Angry Amberjack Sandwich.

Studying on the beach

Studying on the beach

Friday: I started the day with another four mile run down 30A, this time in the opposite direction as my Wednesday run.  I followed with more beer on the beach, as well as some grad school studying.  I very well might be the first person ever to read the textbook Mission Mystique on the beach!  Dinner was my first experience at The Red Bar, which was by far the best meal of the week.  I had their famous crab cakes and was not disappointed!  We opted for dessert, and it was the right choice.  Susan had bread pudding and I had the key lime pie, which rivaled any that I have ever eaten.

Everything at The Red Bar was great, but this was the bread pudding

Everything at The Red Bar was great, but this was the bread pudding

Saturday: Sadly, we had to return to Memphis.  Before we left, we ate at The Donut Hole, which is very well known in the Destin area and if you get there late, you will wait for a very long time.  We thankfully beat the rush there and were seated almost immediately.  I went with the “Diet” Plate, which is biscuits, sausage, eggs, and hash browns, covered with cheddar cheese and country gravy.  Amazing, even if it is not healthy.  We also order some doughnuts to go for later in the day.  We went with the key lime, chocolate chocolate, blueberry cake, and plain glazed doughnuts.  They were all amazing, and the key lime doughnut here was even better than the Donut Hut.  The biggest positive to returning to Memphis was that we were able to see our dog again!  Maybe next time we will take him with us.

Sunday: My weekly “long” run was actually just another four miler.  It was my only run of the week that did not have the ocean in the background, but I did not let this get me down too much.  It was another solid afternoon.  After my run, I decided to wash my truck since the drive accumulated quite a bit of dirt and grime.  This may have been more of a workout than my run!  But, the truck looks almost as good as it did on Monday when it was delivered.

If we could have prolonged our vacation another day and a half, I would have tried my best to run a half marathon on 30A.  Maybe I should have done some research before getting down there, because the Blue Mountain Half Marathon was Sunday morning and would be a great addition to my running resume.  Oh well, I could not justify the extra expense of two more days at the beach and an extra half marathon to my schedule.

Now, it is almost time for SNF between the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys, and The Walking Dead returns tonight as well!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. I’m totally jealous, you got a new truck and a vacation in the same week! I will never own a new vehicle, and I get a vacation about once every three years, if that. But jealous in a good way, if that is possible 😉

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