Weekly Recap


I did a better job of working in some cross-training this week, even if I did not do quite as much as I wanted or needed to.  After last week’s weather reprieve, the temperatures crept back up this week, but thankfully the humidity did not.  Hopefully the temps will trend back down next week, and the humidity will remain low because I am about to embark on my biggest stretch of races of the year as well as approaching new distance territories with my marathon training.

Monday: This was a designed rest day.  This was the beginning of my busy week of work, as well as a full week of class assignments, so every extra second was appreciated.

Tuesday: An early morning run to get the day off on the right foot.  I felt good on the run and used it as an easy forty minutes away from worrying about school and work.

Wednesday: On the exercise front, I was a complete slacker.  I had every intention to do some TRX after class, but I just zonked out instead.  I did, however, get my second A in my Wednesday night class, which is my most difficult class!  Therefore, 9% of my grade is an A, which is great, but now I have more pressure to keep up with the momentum.

Thursday: Another early morning run at an easy pace for four miles.  This is going to be my routine for the foreseeable future, and yet, waking up by 5:30 am is not getting any easier!

Friday: I finally did something besides run or be lazy!  I did an intense, all body TRX workout after work, and I immediately noticed that my recent slacking was taking its toll on my body.  This was a jarring reminder that I am better served with a couple of non-running workouts per week, and that I can find time for these.  After my TRX routine, I decided to embrace my Spartan Race training advice and headed outside for some burpees.  I wanted to do thirty since that is the penalty for skipping a Spartan obstacle, and while I attempted thirty burpees, twenty-five of them would be in the running for the worst burpee of all time!

Saturday: This was my “long” run day, and since I am following the Jeff Galloway training plan, this called for a four mile run.  No worries, next week will be a fifteen miler, so I will definitely be building my mileage base!

The rest of the day consisted of college football and some beer.

Sunday: No workouts, but I stayed busy working on a paper for class this week.  It is my third writing assignment in this same class, and the pressure is on to make another A.  We shall see how it goes.

Best show on TV

Best show on TV

Sunday night marked the end of the best TV show of all time, Breaking Bad.   I am not going to spoil the episode, but I must say that Vince Gilligan knows how to end a show.  It was a perfect ending to an outstanding show and certainly lived up to the hype.

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