Weekly Recap


Another week of training and grad school is in the books.  I am a couple of weeks away from my next race and I am finally getting a little bit of a balance in my schedule.

Monday: No run or class, rather, I had to to go to an information session on a study abroad opportunity in Cuba over spring break.  Whereas it is an unique opportunity, I do not know if I want to spend the time or money on the experience.  We shall see.  After the session, I did my Spartan 100 core focused workout.  Twenty minutes of core focused moves will hopefully lead to stronger runs down the line.

Tuesday: Early morning run that was a little on the humid side, but it was nothing unbearable.  It was an easy 4.29 mile training run.  I also did not have to attend class, but rather submit an online discussion question.  I could get used to grad school courses like this!

Wednesday: Busy day of work that led to my only night of grad school class for the week.  I did receive some good news during the class being that I got back last week’s paper, which I was able to score an A on!  So my first official grad school grade was an A, so hopefully there will be many more to come!

Thursday: I decided that I wanted to sleep in so I had to go for my run after work.  It was quite hot, so I ended up running my four plus miles at 8:30 pm, which always makes Susan a little uneasy.  I probably need to invest in some reflective/night gear.

Friday: I was lazy and did not workout.  It was an all around boring, uneventful day.  We did get some much needed rain in Memphis.

Photo borrowed from Susan's Facebook page

Photo borrowed from Susan’s Facebook page

Saturday: Susan and I worked in the yard most of the day.  Our front flowerbed was in terrible shape, and Susan thought it was time to make out house “fall ready”, especially since Friday’s rain cooled off the weather for a couple of days.  We ended up planting 36 pansies, a mum, and laid some mulch.  I also raked the front yard and did some general yard cleaning.  I did not go to the gym or run since we were doing yard work.

The Braves finally clinched the east!

The Braves finally clinched the east!

Sunday: I ran what was the easiest thirteen miles of my life!  It was not my fastest time, but I felt great upon completion and was able to stay mentally strong.  I would like to think that my training is paying dividends, but I am also certain that the drop in the heat and humidity also aided in that effort.

After the run, Susan and I met a friend that was visiting from Atlanta for brunch at Local on the Square.  I had my favorite, the chicken and waffles and Susan tried the lobster stuffed avocado, which was amazing.  It was an avocado covered in Panko bread crumbs and fried, then stuffed with the lobster salad.  I also helped myself to a Samuel Adams Oktoberfest and the Oktoberfest offering from Ghost River Brewing, a local brewery.  The Ghost River offering would have been better if the keg would have been properly cooled.

Speaking of Atlanta, the Braves finally clinched the NL East!  They are officially in the playoffs now and not in that dumb, wild west one game, winner take all wild card game.  This is the sixteenth time in my life that the Braves have won their division, which is quite exceptional.

It was another good episode of Breaking Bad and there is only one more episode to go the greatest TV show of all time.

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