Forming My 2014 Schedule


It is never too early to explore next year’s races, so that is what I am doing today.Β  Originally, I wanted to run the Disneyland Half Marathon next August to complete the Coast to Coast Challenge, but realistically, making that trip might be out of my budget next year.Β  My wife and I are in the early stages of exploring the purchase of a new house, so that is taking priority.Β  We are saving as much disposable income as possible, so that means I will be running in races a little closer to home.Β  This means that after the Walt Disney World Marathon in January and Spartan Race in Tampa in February, the farthest I will travel for an event will be a three-hour drive from Memphis.Β  I might just focus on running in every half marathon in Shelby County, and I will also be able to work in another state by running in a half marathon in Murray, KY, which is very close to my parents’ house.Β  So, let’s look at the potential races.

Paid in Full, Scheduled Races:

Jan 12 – Walt Disney World Marathon – Lake Buena Vista, FL – My first marathon and a genuine runcation!

This is my ultimate goal!

This is my ultimate goal!

Feb 15 – Special Ops Spartan Sprint – Tampa, FL – My first Spartan race that will allow for a visit with some family and friends in the Tampa area!

June 7 – Tough Mudder – Nashville, TN – Susan is against me participating in this event, but I want to prove myself.

We shall see!

We shall see!

Dec – St. Jude Half Marathon – Memphis, TN – This is my annual event at this point.

Nearby Races That I Am Leaning Towards:

Feb 22 – Oxford Run for Hope – Oxford, MS -Susan is an Ole Miss girl, so anything Oxford should be an easy sell.

Mar 16 – Germantown Half Marathon – Germantown, TN – I was supposed to run this event in 2013, but I was injured and had to limp through the 5K.Β  I want this to be a redemption run, plus it is here in Shelby County.

May 3 – Warrior Dash – Jackson, MS – I loved this event last year, and really want to do it again.

Oct – Greenline Half Marathon – Memphis, TN – I should be able to work this in for the first time in 2014.

Tempting Races on the Fringe:

Apr 5 – Oak Barrel 13.1 – Lynchburg, TN – Registration opens Oct 27, 2013, and this race has a very unique finisher’s medal.

Apr 12 – Murray Half Marathon – Murray, KY – It is near my parents and would be another state completed, but I can’t run it and the Oak Barrel 13.1

Apr 26 – Country Music Half Marathon – Nashville, TN – I have never run inΒ  a Rock ‘N Roll event, but if I do in 2014, this would be it.

Aug 31 or Sep 7 – Tupelo 14.2 – I might make a return trip to this hot and humid event.

Pipe Dreams:

Mar 23 – Publix Georgia Half Marathon – Atlanta, GA – If this was a month later, I could work in a Braves game too, but both are just wishful thinking for 2014.

Jul 20 – Rock ‘N Roll Chicago Half Marathon – I have never been to Chicago and this would be a good excuse.

Aug 31 – Disneyland Half – Anaheim, CA – I want to complete the Coast to Coast, but my finances are not looking good for this.

I will also add in some local 5K’s, as well as some other events here in Memphis.Β  I will probably not run quite as many races in 2014 as 2013, but it is still early. At least the WDW Marathon will be partially encompassed with my 2013 budget.

10 thoughts on “Forming My 2014 Schedule

  1. Wow! You have a lot going on. I tried to do a medal a month this year, but continual colds and then an injury took me out. Next year, I’m not so motivated. Beyond WDW as the biggie and the two DL races, which are in my neighborhood, I really have no ideas. I hear you on watching the disposable income.

  2. I may never run any of the Disney races (just not enthralled by His Mouseness or theme parks in general) but that leaves LOADS to run! This is my first year running, and I went from 3 races in 6 months – 5K, 10K, half – to six races in 5 months – 3 @ 5K, 10-mile, 25K, 30K, marathon – and I already have 2 new races on the wishlist for 2014, plus repeats on some of this year’s…it’s a fever, and I got it too!!

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