Another Race Added to the Plan


So Susan texted this morning to inform me that I have another race to add to my schedule, the SCS Race For Education.  The event is being held on November 3, 2013, at 3:00 pm here in Memphis, so that means I will have races on the first three days of November!  Now, this will not exactly be the Goofy or Dopey Challenges at Disney, but will still be outside of my norm.  So why I am running events on three consecutive days?  Well, I just could not say no to this newest race since it is a fundraiser for the local schools and they could use all the money that they can get.  Also, my wife is a teacher and basically left me little choice in the matter.

Shelby County Schools need your help!

Shelby County Schools need your help!

For anyone in the Memphis area, this would be a great event to participate in being that the money is being donated directly to the benefit of the children in the community.  When you register, simply chose the school that you would like to represent so that school can receive a donation from you registration.  If you have no particular school of interest, Rivercrest Elementary School would be an excellent choice!  Also, adding the teacher Susan Eaton to the form would be a welcomed decision as well!  This is an excellent fundraiser for the schools and one that I am happy to participate in.

I am not being paid for this post, but I do feel strongly about the cause and being that my wife works for the school system, I see first hand the need for every dollar that can be spared.

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