More Races Added to the Schedule


I might be crazy, but I just added four more races to my 2013 schedule!  As I posted a couple of days ago, I was debating the merits of back to back races in early November.  Well, I heeded the advice of many of you and registered for both.  Now the Friday night 5K will be a warmup for the Saturday morning half marathon!  The new races are as follows:

  • Cooper Young Festival 4 Miler on September 13
  • Zombie Hunt 5K on October 5 (which means I have 2 events on this date)
  • True Blue 5K on November 1
  • Midsouth Championship Half Marathon on November 2

These should be the last four races that I will add to my 2013 calendar, but with over four months left in the year, that could possibly change.  I will say that I have come in under budget on what I thought my race registration fees for the year wold be, but I still have not factored in the cost of gas and hotels for a couple of my upcoming races.  All and all, I think I have a good mix of race distances and themes, with several races being new discoveries for me.

Of the four new races, I have only previously ran the True Blue 5K, and in fact, this will be my fourth running of that particular event!  The Cooper Young 4 Miler is an insanely popular event here in Memphis, and I am finally available to run it this year.  The Zombie Hunt 5K is a new event and will help replace the zombie deficit in my schedule thanks to the Run For Your Lives event crapping out in Nashville.  The Midsouth Championship Half Marathon is a small town race that is insanely cheap and near home.  Also, it is a relatively flat course that will allow me to try a new technique since I am in a 5K that night before.

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