I’m Conflicted


As I go into the last four months of the year, I am firming up the remainder of my race schedule.  The problem is that I have reached a little bit of a scheduling conflict in November.  The conflict is between the True Blue 5K on November 1 and the Midsouth Championship Half Marathon on November 2.   I suppose that I can run in both events, but I have never run a race on back to back days as of yet in my running journey.  And there is always the option of walking the True Blue 5K to remain loose, but that seems a little like a waste.

True Blue 5K

Distance: 5K

Cost: $25

My very first race of all time was the True Blue 5K back in 2010.  It was a goal for my weight loss journey back in 2010.  I wanted a public display of my progress and felt that a fall evening race was my best bet for an inaugural event.  Proceeds from the event go to the Young Alumni Committee at my alma mater, the University of Memphis.  The course winds around campus, passing many landmarks from my collegiate days, including my fraternity house.  And I live just a couple of miles from campus, so there really is no travel concerns for the event.  The weather is cool and the course is rather flat.  Some of my favorite races shirts have come from this event, and I where them constantly.  Running the event reminds me of where I came from as a 330 pound slob that got winded to a person that willingly runs miles at a time, with relatively small amounts of complaining.  And not to mention that running this 5K on a Friday night in November will easily work into my WDW marathon training.

I'm wearing my 1st True Blue shirt here

I’m wearing my 1st True Blue shirt here

Midsouth Championship Half Marathon

Distance: 13.1

Cost: $27

I have never run in the Midsouth Championship event and one of the goals of the plan this year was to try new races.  The race is in Wynne, AR, which is just about an hour from Memphis.  While this is not a big tourist attraction, running a half marathon this close to the house while adding a state to my running history is tempting.  The course is extremely flat, with the highest elevation for the half marathon being 351 feet, which is just 107 miles higher than the low point of the course.  This will be a welcomed change from the 4 Bridges event a couple of weeks prior.  Also, this is a small event, so the corral crowding and other logistical nightmares presented by the bigger races is eliminated.  This would also be my first out and back course, so that would be interesting to see how I respond to that.  This would also create a string of four straight months with an official half marathon ran for me, which considering that I have only ran in half marathons ever, would be an accomplishment.  And all of this for just $2 more than a typical 5K!  Of course, a half marathon distance falls a little short of where my marathon training should be, but going 100% for the event should probably cause the lack of mileage to be a draw.

I thought that by laying the case for both event out would help me decide, but it did not.  I have nine days until the price for the Midsouth Championship increases, so I guess as long as I have a decision by then, I shall be good.

10 thoughts on “I’m Conflicted

  1. Interesting choices!
    I would say to run the 5K easily as a warm up for the half marathon the next day, but if you’re only going to pick one, I’d go with the half. It might just be me, but I think you’d get more of a sense of achievement by completing a half marathon.

    Regardless of what you choose, good luck!

  2. I would run the 5K and race the half, in your description it seems as though you are more interested in the Half. I usually do a run the day before a race, so even if I had a half I would probably run at least 3.0 the day before. However, don’t get caught up in the competition part.

    Last year at the Runner’s World Half, I did the opposite I raced the 5K and then did the best that I could at the Half, worked out well got post-55 PR’s in both 🙂

    Good luck whichever way you decide to go 🙂

  3. Easy decision in my opinion. Run both. 🙂 Run the 5K as a shake out run, at 1:30-2:00 a mile slower than you plan on running the half marathon the next day. I did that for my last two full marathons, and I felt great for the marathons.

    If you’re only picking one, I’d do the HM. I personally feel more accomplished after running a HM than a 5K, and you’re get way more miles for your buck.

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