Tupelo 14.2 Just Around the Corner


I am not going to lie, I am getting a little antsy for my next major race.  It has been two days short of a month since my last traditional race, a 5K, and until this morning, it had been about three weeks since I ran my last virtual race, my very own Platinum Sombrero 5K.  This morning I ran the Jedi Challenge, but more on that in a second.  Virtual races are great to stay motivated for training, but they do not have the same feel that a traditional race does. The crowd, both spectators and participants, just get them adrenaline pumping.  Even the smaller 5K’s produce this feeling.  My next opportunity for this feeling will be in a couple of weeks when I tackle the Breakaway Bardog 5K.  But the race that I am really eager to run is the Tupelo 14.2.

It has been since the St. Jude Half Marathon back in December since I ran a race in double digits and I really want to get back out there.  I am sure a part of this is because I did not get the chance to run in what was originally slated to be my third ever half marathon in March at the Germantown Half Marathon.  But, I had a case of peroneal tendonitis flare up and sidelined me.  At least I was smart in my recovery and was able to get back into action quicker than expected and did not miss the Warrior Dash – Mississippi.

I officially booked my hotel for Tupelo yesterday and I watched a couple of YouTube videos about the race, trying to get a feel for it.  It is going to be early, 5:00 am to be exact, hot, and humid, I am sure.  The last week and a half of training runs should be preparing me well for that aspect.   All the reviews I find talk about how great of an event the race is.  This is a little surprising considering that this is a small race in a small, southern town in one of the hottest points of the year.  The mascot is a skull and crossbones that varies in design from year to year, often with a Grateful Dead inspiration.  The idea behind the skull and cross-bones is simple.  It is hot, and you feel like death by the end, this the skull and cross-bones.  I cannot wait to see what the medal looks like this year, even if the 14.2 medal is just literally half of the full marathon medal.

Jedi Challenge Medal

Jedi Challenge Medal

I ran the Jedi Challenge as my training run this morning.  I was hoping to miss the heat, but there was no avoiding the humidity.  When I took my first step at 6:03 am this morning, the humidity was only at 91%!  By the time I finished my 4.33, it looked like I had taken a swim in a pool.  I even had the dreaded nipple chafing issue that usually only rears its ugly head on my long runs in this max humidity.  So that has been fun to deal with today.  The humidity and fact that I always start a little sluggishly in the morning resulted in a 10:08 pace for the race.  Also, this was a virtual run that I did not intend t participate in, but when some extra medals were discovered, I went ahead and gave it a shot.  I love the saying on the medal, and I must say that the light saber really looks good.

On a side note, my raffle for a free entry in The Color Run is still ongoing.  You can enter here.

3 thoughts on “Tupelo 14.2 Just Around the Corner

  1. You know, I got peroneal tendonitis in May of 2012, and I’m STILL swollen! It doesn’t bother me, but I don’t understand why it’s still so swollen.

    That’s a really cool medal! Have fun!

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