The Color Run

The Color Run

The Color Run

Over the past week, I was presented with an opportunity that I would like to share with you.  The Color Run has given me a $5 off promo code, COLOR5OFF, to share with all of you that will be good for any race that is still currently open.  I have a race registration that will be raffled off to a lucky reader, but more about that in a minute.

What exactly is The Color Run?  Well, for starters, it is known as the Happiest 5K on the Planet, so it has that working for it!  But furthermore, it is an event that promotes healthiness, happiness, and charity.  The Color Run is a 5K, but do not let that moniker intimidate you.  5K is simply the distance for the event.  You do not need to run a sub 7:00 mile to enjoy The Color Run.  In fact, you should leave your GPS watch at home because this will be an untimed, fun run.  You are out there to have a good time, not run at a good pace.  There are only two rules for The Color Run, which are wear white and finish plastered in color.  And do not worry about wearing white after Labor Day (if your chosen event falls then), we won’t tell your mom.

The Color Run is a very accommodating race with nearly 70 locations still open for participation!  If you are wondering if there is a location near you, the simple answer probably is yes, there is a Color Run near you.  Visit The Color Run page to see all of the locations.  All of The Color Run events tend to sell out, so you need to register ASAP to guarantee a spot in the event of your choosing.

$5 off promo code

$5 off promo code

Another great feature of The Color Run is the ability to run as a team.  You may register a team of four or more runners, and each runner will get a $5 discount on their race registration.  And this team designation does not disqualify you from the above mentioned promo code (COLOR5OFF), so after you apply that, your registration fee will be discounted by $10!  You simply find at least three friends, come up with a creative name, and register as a team rather than an individual.   You know that you will have more fun running with a team rather than by yourself!

Be a Color Runner

Be a Color Runner

Another phenomenal aspect of The Color Run is that they choose a local charity at each location.  And with the lineup of cities, the list of charities helped is quite extensive!

Sign up today by picking your desired location (provided that it is not sold out) and also enter my raffle for a free race entry!  Do not worry if you win the entry, just give it to a friend so they can run with you!

3 thoughts on “The Color Run

  1. I’m already registered for the Charlotte event…and I’ve been trying to recruit some friends to go along with me! The Electric Run was fun and I anticipate this will be the same or better.

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