A St. Jude Story I Had To Share


OK, all St. Jude stories are probably worth sharing, but this particular one really hit home with me.  The story of the University of Memphis QB Jacob Karam visiting some patients at St. Jude Children’s Hospital here in Memphis has been making some national headlines for a couple of days now.  If you have not read the story or watched the You Tube clip, stop what you are doing and click this.  It is most definitely worth your time.  I will spare the majority of the details in the story since you have already clicked on it and I cannot convey the story any better than Mr. Doyel did today.  I would just like to add a couple of thoughts.

First, how refreshing is it to see an athlete that truly is humble and doing something for others out of genuine decency?  If you watch college football on Saturdays, you are familiar with the staged and preplanned media sessions of teams at children’s hospitals.  They take a couple of pictures and say a couple of boiler plate interview answers, then they are gone.  Back to their lives without another thought about where they just were.

Second, how talented are both he people in the video?  Breanna had some pipes, and besides being a starting D1 QB (albeit on a rather bad team), Jacob graduated from college in two and a half years, is fluent in Spanish, and can play piano by ear!  I listened to him on the Chris Vernon Show today and he played several dozen songs as listeners requested them.  It was quite impressive.  You should check out the podcast from today.  I listened to it again tonight during my run.  He also mentioned that Breanna loves Bruno Mars when Grenade was requested.  Maybe that was a setup to her name in the segment, but I highly doubt it.

I have mentioned it before, by St. Jude is one of the major assets for Memphis and probably the entity in this town that I am proudest about.  But, I must say, after hearing this story on Jacob Karam, my pride for my alma mater has skyrocketed even higher.

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