Weekly Recap


The summer heat has come to Memphis with a vengeance this week, and my runs have reflected it.  Even waking up at the crack of dawn has not provided much relief from the high temps and crippling humidity.

Monday: Rest/recovery day since I ran my long distance on Sunday rather than Saturday last week.

Tuesday: I ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill at the gym since I missed my early morning run window by helping Susan in her classroom.  I hung letters, moved boxes, and kept her on task most of the day and we actually accomplished quite a bit.  I considered the hours of activity there a part of my weekly training.

Wednesday: I did my first TRX workout since I was on vacation during the first week of June!  I did a whole body routine for about 40 minutes.  I hurt afterwards, but it was definitely a good hurt.  I was happy to finally return to TRX.  I wish my new gym offered free TRX classes like my old one did.  That once a week in class helped me stay on task.  I have to get more diligent with my cross-training again.

Thursday: Another 4 miles on the treadmill at the gym.  This was my first run with a podcast, and I actually enjoyed the change of pace from music.  I listened to the Atlanta Braves Talk Podcast, and being a Braves dork, I really enjoyed it.

Friday: I ran the latest that I ever have during my young running career.  I did not hit the streets until after 9 pm, and did not return home until 10pm!  This was by far my best run of the week despite the darkness and more blisters from my new shoes.  I tried the Let’s Run Disney Podcast and loved information the podcast provided for my future runDisney adventure.

Saturday: Easy day since my weekly long run was looming.  I did some planks, situps, and pushups during the early afternoon, but not much else.  I went to dinner with my in-laws at one of their friends’ house.  We had BBQ ribs, pork shoulder, and all of the fixings.  We also had homemade ice cream and chocolate cobbler.  The food was excellent, but was not the best meal to eat the night before a long run.  The Irish whiskey was also not the wisest of choices, but I did enjoy it.

Sunday: I woke up at the crack of dawn and ran 10 miles this morning.  It was 10 humid and slow miles, but it was still 10 miles.  I am going to try out a foam roller for the first time ever later on this evening.  I am very eager to see how it goes tonight.  From everything that I have heard or read, a foam roller can only help with my running aspirations.

I was styling w/ this!

I was styling w/ this!

I also tried out KT tap for the first time this week. My left foot was a little sore, so I put on the KT Tape Pro as if I was about to have another struggle with peroneal tendinitis.  The tape worked like a charm and once it was on, I never noticed it again.  The instructions were very easy to understand, and I did notice some pain relief.  I am intrigued enough at this point to buy a roll for myself to tryout.

Boston Remembrance Medal

Boston Remembrance Medal

I also finally got my Boston Remembrance Run medal on Saturday.  It was been over a month since the event, and I was getting a little antsy about getting the medal.  The event was a virtual marathon in which you could split the miles over the course of an entire week.  I split up the miles and ended up in the middle of the four hour block.  I was pleased, especially when I thought that this time would marvelous to duplicate at the WDW Marathon!  The people that put on the event were for helpful, but they did not know what to expect with the volume of this race and engraving process of the medals  Better late than never, and I am still waiting for my socks from the event.

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