Captain America Runs


I completed two Captain America themed virtual runs a couple of weeks ago, and I was delaying posting about the runs because I was I was waiting on a medal from a third virtual run that I had completed.  But, it seems that it is still going to be awhile until I actually receive the medal, so I am throwing them into this post.  I incorporated them both into my training runs, so despite being scheduled for July 4th, I ended up running both of them in June.

Both runs were hosted by the same people, and the proceeds went to St. Jude.  I was an early registrant and it is a good thing that I did because they closed the race early due to several complaints of copyright infringement.  Now these complaints were not from Marvel or Disney, but rather people on Facebook.  But to play it safe, the race was closed and since the medals were already ordered, those of us early adopters were fortunate enough to get our medals.

Susan & I differ on this medal

Captain America 5K Medal

The first race was the Captain America 5K.  I entertained the thought of counting my time at the Stars and Stripes 5K, but if I did that, I would just be buying the medal.  Therefore, I ran this race as one of my short distance days in June.  I ran 3.18 miles on June 18 in a time of 30:28.  This is not a PR, but is still a good time for me running on a makeshift course through my neighborhood.  Susan is not a fan of this medal, but to get the 10K medal, you had to register for the 5K as well.  The more I look at this medal, the more it grows on me to be honest.  And I must say that there was enough changes on the design to be safe on copyright issues.  However, the name Captain America is probably protected as well and that could be what the complaints were.  Oh well.

First Avenger 10K Medak

First Avenger 10K Medal

The second Captain America run was the First Avenger 10K, which I ran as my long day on June 9 when I returned from vacation.  My schedule was for six miles, so adding the extra tick to make it a 10K was not too difficult.  My time, however, was not stellar.  I completed the run in 1:08:45, which is ten minutes off of my other 10K, but since I only ran a mile or two daily on vacation and this was my longest run since the beginning of March, I felt that the time was great.  Susan really like this medal and would have preferred if I was able to run in this event only because of her preferences in the medals.

2 thoughts on “Captain America Runs

  1. Everyone on the internet is an expert. It gets old after a while. The medals are very cute. If Disney or Marvel had something to say, I’m sure it would have been said. I’d assume a small fundraiser run by an individual citizen is hardly worthy of Disney or Marvel’s lawyers making a stand over copyrights.

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