ENERGYBits Review


This is a product review that is a few weeks overdue.  Back in May, I was given a sample of ENERGYBits to try in association with the virtual race that I am hosting.  ENERGYBits is one of my corporate sponsors for the event, but gave me the sample so I would have a better idea of what their product was and in an attempt to help spread the word about their product.

Sponsor #14

Sponsor #14

To be honest, I was very skeptical at first.  I opened up the sample, and there was a pile of dark green, kinda of smelly bits in front of me.  I was thinking what in the world am I about to try?  My second reservation came when I read on the packaging that the bits were an acquired taste and even though they are chewable, I should probably take them like a normal pill.  So that’s what I did, 30 bits down the hatch.  That’s right, a recommended serving is 30 bits, so it can take a moment to ingest them all.  And if you are like my wife, taking 30 may be impossible.  I was able, however, to down all 30 in one gulp with no real issue.  The taste was negligible when ingesting in this manner.  A faint odor was left on my hand, though.  It was not overpowering or distracting during my run, but it was there.

1 serving of ENERGYBits (30 bits)

1 serving of ENERGYBits (30 bits)

I had enough bits for three uses, so I broke them up into the appropriate amounts and used them for three different exercises.  I decided to test the bits on an early morning run, an evening run and weight lifting session, and a long weekend run.

My first experience with the bits was my early morning run.  It was only slated to be three miles at 6:00 am.  May in Memphis is warm and humid, so if you want to run much, you need to be willing to get up early in the morning to do so.  Even if it is the morning after an overtime basketball game that did not start until 8:00 pm.  This is what I was facing this fateful morning.  Operating on four hours of sleep, I took my first serving of bits and hit the road.  It was humid, I was tired, and my bed was mighty comfortable, but I wanted to put the ENERGYBits to the ultimate test.  I did not eat prior to the run, which is customary for me prior to any runs that should take me less than an hour to complete, so I was relying heavily on the bits.  I must say that I was very pleased with the results of the bits.  I was mentally sharp and able to cruise through the three miles without my usual early morning sluggishness.  Now, was this the bits, a placebo effect, and pure adrenaline compensating for my sleep deprivation, I do not know, but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to the bits.

This container holds 45-60 bits

This container holds 45-60 bits

The second workout that was “powered by bits” was the next afternoon.  It was a hot and muggy day, and I had just gotten off of work.  I enjoy working out directly after work to help free up the rest of my evening and to guarantee that my couch doesn’t get too comfortable that it causes me to abscond from the gym.  Them problem with this is that most days after work, I am mentally exhausted from dealing with some of the worst citizens in Memphis, and my workout suffers because of this.  I took my bits and headed out.  I ran two miles to my gym, lifted weights in my per-determined routine, and then ran two miles home.  Mentally, I was sharper than when I left, and while I was tired from the workout, I was not drained.  In my mind, this was another plus in favor for ENERGYBits.

The third use of bits came prior to my weekly long run.  Of course, the long run for the week in question was only four and a half miles, but being that I was building in my half marathon training and just coming back from an injury, it was a strain to get back to that point.  I was visiting my parents this weekend, so the run was completed on the hilly country roads around their farm.  I took the bits and headed out into the heat and humidity.  By the end, my legs were sore, I had worked up a good lather, and I was cursing my tendency to supinate since I was not where I was physically two and half months prior.  But I was still mentally sharp, and felt that there was plenty left in the tank to attempt a few more miles.  I would say at this point the ENERGYBits were three for three in my book for providing energy and clarity while exercising.

Now let’s get down to the science of ENERGYBits.  You can replace you mulivitamin, calcium, iron, magnesium, and omega3 supplements with ENERGYBits.  ENERGYBits are organic and comprised of spirulina algae, which has 58x more iron than spinach, 28x more iron than raw beef liver, which are the other two best sources for iron.  They are a natural source of electrolytes, provide all the required amino acids (protein), gram for gram the same amount of calcium as milk, and more Vitamin E per gram than pure wheat germ.  ENERGYBits also provide potassium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, phosphorous, Vitamin B6, folic acid, niacin/Vitamin B3, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B.  You get all of this with no GMO’s and ENERGYBits are clean diet friendly!  Also, each bit is only one calorie!

Nutrition facts for ENERGYBits

Nutrition facts for ENERGYBits

My final verdict is that ENERGYBits did help improve my performance, and prolonged use would certainly help improve my health.  I am planning on using these during my half marathon and marathon training for the remainder of the year, and you can too.  Use promo code “runninglarge” and you will get 15% off of your order from the ENERGYBits website.  I am not a doctor, so please do not take this information as if I am.

ENERGYBits is a sponsor of my race and has offered a discount code for all of my race participants as well as my blog follows.  They did provide me with a free sample to try and review, but this fact did not influence or alter my opinion of the product.  All views in this post are my honest assessment of the product and I am not being financially compensated for these views.

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