Foam Rolling for Dummies


I have been exploring the prospect of using a foam roller so this article was rather well timed.

Eat Pray Run, DC

After reading about the benefits of foam rolling, I decided I would give it a try on my tired legs (and aching shins). WOW. It hurt like the dickens. I don’t embarrass easily, but after a few days of foam rolling at the gym and being near tears from the pain, I decided I needed my own foam roller, so I could stretch out my poor muscles in the privacy of my own home.

I purchased a jFit 18″ foam roller and it was the perfect size. I ordered mine from Amazon, but you can also find them here.

This is the model I purchased.

Keep in mind that foam rolling exercises are just that — EXERCISE. Your muscles will feel not only the pressure from the foam roller, but from holding the various positions. Also remember that foam rolling over tight / tense spots on your body will hurt at first. A lot. You may

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