Early Lock Laces Review


After having a couple of shoe lace issues during my last race, Zoom Through the Zoo, I decided that I needed to hurry up and try out Lock Laces.  Lock Laces is a race sponsor and has a generous race promo for free shipping with 20% of the sale being donated to St. Jude.  They also donated ten pairs of Lock Laces to be raffled off to race participants.  I had been delaying purchasing some laces of my own since I am going on vacation soon and didn’t want to spend the extra money (they are only $8, but I can be a tad frugal at times), but with my shoes coming untied twice during the event, I could wait no longer.

Sponsor #10

Sponsor #10

I ordered three pairs of Lock Laces for my current group of shoes, but I have only added them to one pair of my running shoes.  We shall consider this a controlled group experiment.  I added the laces to my newest running shoes, the Saucony Grid Cohesion 6’s that I was wearing when I ran my latest race.  I chose black for these shoes since that is the color of laces already on the Saucony’s and I only ordered one pair of lime green ones (for my Nike+ Lunarglides).

Packaging for Lock Laces

Packaging for Lock Laces

I do believe that this is the old packaging for Lock Laces, but I didn’t grab a pair from my race stash with the updated packaging.  The new packaging says “Win. Never tie.” across the front, which is a great slogan for their company.

Installation for these is quite simple.  The website gives three steps for installation, but I decided to simplify it even further here.  The following are the steps needed for installation:

  1. Remove your previous laces (obviously)
  2. Lace the Lock Laces cord through eyes of your shoe like normal laces
  3. Put your shoes on your feet
  4. Squeeze the lock and thread the cords through it
  5. Pull the cords tight
  6. Cut off the excess cord at 2-3 inches above your shoe
  7. Insert the cord tips into the clip and close

Installation was quite simple and as long as you know how to lace shoes, you can add Lock Laces to your shoes.

Lock Laces vs standard laces

Lock Laces vs standard laces

Honestly, the aesthetics of Lock Laces take a minute to get used to, simply because they look different to the laces that we are accustomed to.  The clip seemingly floating above your shoe is odd the first time you look down, but after that, it is barely noticeable.  But do they work?  So far, my answer is yes.  My first run with them last Saturday was a four miler and I did not have a single issue with my shoes sliding off of my foot or becoming loose.  I have run in them two other times this week for a total of seven miles, with zero incident.   Also, it is very easy to put your shoes on and off with Lock Laces.  Just loosen the lock and slide the shoe on and off your foot then tighten.  It is that simple.  I know it is still early in the process of using Lock Laces, but my shoes have stayed tight, have been comfortable, and fit my shoes perfectly.  And for a person like me who ties their shoes too tight often, they probably provide a positive health benefit to my feet as well.  I will do a follow-up post in a few months, I’m sure, but as of today, I think that these laces are a must for runners.  Also, with the lack of laces flopping around everywhere and the ease of putting on the shoe, Lock Laces would be perfect for triathletes since the shoe goes on easily and you have no excess of laces to get caught while cycling.

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