Motivation Monday & Some Randomness


I reblogged a Memorial Day post earlier to shared some facts about the holiday, but this New York Times article does a much better job of capturing the essence of what today truly means.  It is a quick and informative read and it is much better than anything that I could write here.  Also, allow this infographic serve as this week’s Motivation Monday.  No cheesy running image or quote is more motivational than thinking about the brave men and women that proudly serve for our country everyday.  I would like to express a humble thank you to anyone that has ever served our fine country.

Memorial Day Facts

Memorial Day Facts

Yesterday I ran just over five miles, which marks my longest distance since returning from injury.  It felt good to start to stretch out my runs a bit, inching my way back up to the half marathon distance by September 1 for the Tupelo 14.2.  It definitely helped that it wasn’t brutally hot or humid as well yesterday.  From now until the middle of January, there will be no scheduled running hiatuses, so I need to make sure that I train properly and safely.

Not this kind of streaking

Not this kind of streaking

I am going to try to participate in the Runner’s World summer streaking program this year.  The plan is simple, run at least one mile per day, everyday, between Memorial Day and Independence Day.  This means that you will run a total of 39 consecutive days (40 for me) during your streak.  Since this coincides with my half marathon training and I am just coming back from an injury, I almost decided not to push myself to do this.  But working a mile into a workout is easy, and I don’t have to try to run at PR pace for all 39 days.  An easy one or two mile run can facilitate recovery quite nicely.  More info can be found on the Runner’s World website here.

Social Media Streaking Badge

Social Media Streaking Badge

During the next week or so, there should be at least three product reviews coming from me, so be on the lookout.  With my race coming up, some of the race sponsors gave me items to review for the blog, so I have been doing my best of incorporating these items into my training.  I have also purchased several items, some from race sponsors, some from random sources, and I will be sharing this info as well.  I anticipate the reviews to cover Bulu Box, Energybits, and Lock Laces this week.

A quick reminder that on June 1, Kindrunner officially launches, so head offer to their site early and often.  You can sign up for a chance to win running shoes for a year (up to three pairs) for yourself and a running partner on the site.  Also, for every 500 like the Kindrunner Facebook page gets, a pair of shoes will be given away.

Now, I am going to try to work off these BBQ nachos a bit with a quick run and some TRX or a Warrior Dash circuit.

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