Platinum Sombrero 5K Sponsors #23, #24, & #25


I know twenty-five sponsors is a bit extreme for a race of this size, but I wanted to make the Platinum Sombrero 5K as big as possible, and the way to do that, at least to me, was get as many high quality brands as possible on board.  This is, however, a fundraiser to help the children of St. Jude.  The more race participants I get, the more money St. Jude gets!

The twenty-third sponsor is Polar Bottle.  Polar Bottle produces BPA free, plastic water bottles in a wide variety of colors and styles.  The vast majority of the bottles are vacuum insulated, which helps keep you water cold for a significantly longer period of time than traditional water bottles.  The bottles come in 24, 20, or 12 ounce varieties and you can even customize a bottle with you favorite running (or any activity) photo that you want.  You can like Polar Bottle on Facebook here.



The twenty-fourth sponsor of the race is actually the third compression apparel company to agree to sign on, Zensah.  Zensah offers a wide variety of compression apparel, and boast to have “the world’s most advanced compression apparel.”  Zensah will be donating two pairs of minimalist socks that will be raffled off to two luck race participants.  You can like Zensah on Facebook here.

Sponsor #24

Sponsor #24

The twenty-fifth (yes, twenty-fifth!) sponsor of the Platinum Sombrero 5K is Zola Acai, a company that specializes in healthy fruit juice drinks.  The company started with Acai juice and from there they started to incorporate pomegranate and blueberry into the juice.  Zola also added coconut water to the roster of healthy juices and strive to find the freshest and tastiest fruit juices in the world.  Zola Acai has agreed to donate two cases of their product to be dispersed to race participants.  You can like Zola Acai on Facebook here.

Sponsor #25

Sponsor #25

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